Reputation Management

Using the latest Digital PR techniques, we can airbrush negative keyword results from the first page of your Google search.
Boost Your Company’s Positive Ranking
Negotiate With Search Engines to Remove Content
Use the Power of High-Quality Content to Protect Your Reputation

Protect Your Business’s Online Reputation

The effects of bad reviews and negative press can linger online for a long time – and can be very expensive. At PR Fire, our experts will help restore and protect your business reputation online.

Replace Negative Information With Positive Growth

Here’s Your Second Chance to Make a Great First Impression

Search engine results are your client’s first impression of your business. You want that first impression to be the best it can possibly be.

All it takes is one disgruntled former employee or envious competitor to defame and harass your business online. The list of social media channels out there is endless – a few hurtful comments or anonymous negative reviews can really drive away your potential customers.

Whatever your circumstances, you can trust our team to provide an honest plan to future-proof your brand.

A Budget-Friendly Restorative Campaign

See Positive Results Within Days

Exact timetables and bespoke quotations can be provided on request. We can arrange a one-to-one conversation with you over the phone, by email, over video chat or in person.

Every enquiry is treated in strict confidence and advice is offered free of charge.

Protect Your Positive Reputation

Don’t Let Negative Reviews Hinder Your Growth

If you’ve managed to maintain a positive or neutral online reputation so far, you probably want it to stay that way.

If there’s no malicious information out there for us to remove or bury, we can help to protect you from negative slurs. Sound a little like SEO? That’s because it is.

Since it only takes a few negative reviews to amount to a PR battle, our job is to build a positive online reputation for your business by creating great content.

Personal Reputation Management

Our team of specialists know how to bury or remove negative results shown when your name is typed into a search engine.

For those in high-profile jobs, protecting your personal online reputation is essential. If a Google search of your name brings up bad memories, malicious rumours, spiteful reviews or adverse details, it can be hard to manage.

A damaged online personal reputation can make it harder for you to get a job you deserve or grow a business you’ve worked to build.

How Can PR Fire Help?

We can remove misleading content and incorrect information by contacting search engines like Google – creating the right type of positive content about you.

Our aim is to ensure harmful material is as low as possible in Google rankings. We’ll keep you updated with our progress.

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