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PR Fire syndicates all press releases across a wide range of media outlets on the same day. Our team of experts work hard to ensure your story gets the exposure it deserves.
Amplify Your Online Presence
Increase Your Brand Reach Across New Demographics and Audiences
Establish Your Business as an Industry Authority 

Put Content Syndication to Work for You

All web-based content can be syndicated. When successful, it’s a powerful tool for growing your audience and gaining valuable news coverage. 

Amplify Your Online Presence

Use Content Syndication in Harmony With Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to Increase Visibility

Google’s algorithms recognise that press releases and news articles are frequently republished on several other platforms for legitimate purposes. Correctly syndicated material won’t be considered spam and have its value diminished by search engines.

Our team knows exactly how to preserve SEO. We ensure there’s a canonical link to the original source of all syndicated content. This helps your republished material reach a wider audience with your original website cited on each republication – boosting your SEO rather than tanking it.

Grow Your Brand Recognition

Syndicated Content Puts You in the Media Spotlight

A press release’s primary objectives are exposure and media interest. PR Fire can broaden your reach even further while driving your content to a targeted audience. 

Online citation strengthens your company’s accessibility and visibility, which in turn boosts site traffic and opens the door to new demographics.

Become an Industry Authority

Get Your Business News In Front of the Right Eyes 

Building your brand authority is essential today. Using content syndication on relevant media websites, your business has an opportunity to establish itself as a credible thought leader.

Plus, when you syndicate, external publications generate traffic to your site, exposing your content and brand to a wider audience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Content Syndication is the distribution or republication of your digital content across multiple outlets. All web-based content can be syndicated; when used correctly, content syndication is an effective, cost-efficient way to advance your reach and improve coverage of your news.

At PR Fire, we syndicate all press releases to Google News, Reuters, Dow Jones and more, the same day as standard – helping your news to get the visibility and recognition it deserves.

Content syndication is when web-based content is re-published by a third-party website. Any digital content can be syndicated, including blog posts, articles, infographics and videos. We syndicate your press releases to ensure you get the maximum exposure and publicity, as well as backlinks to your website, which boosts traffic and helps you reach a wider audience.

Not at all! In fact, search engine optimisation (SEO) and content syndication can actually work in harmony to boost your online traction. Google minimises the visibility of duplicate content, but it doesn’t penalise syndicated content. Content that’s syndicated correctly will not be considered spam, therefore it will not be devalued by the search engine.

Our team knows exactly how to ensure SEO is not negatively impacted. We ensure there’s a canonical link to the original source, with your original site cited on every republication – boosting your SEO rather than tanking it. 

By syndicating your content, you’re driving visibility to audiences you may have struggled to gain access to in the past. Being cited online boosts your presence and accessible – increasing your site traffic, exposing you to other demographics and generating leads. Plus, being seen on the right sites helps establish your business as an industry authority.

As standard, we offer same-day syndication to leading industry outlets: Google News, Reuters, Dow Jones Factiva, LexisNexis and MarketWatch. These are trusted, reputable sources of financial, business and law news – therefore, we can get your press release published on authoritative sites within the industry and visible to your potential client base.