How to Write a Great New Hire Press Release

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How to Write a Great New Hire Press Release

New Hire

A great new hire announcement is an opportunity for you to generate excitement surrounding the future of your company, to demonstrate to existing and potential customers that you are growing and evolving, and to make your new hire or your promoted employee feel valued and important to your business’ development.

Here’s some helpful hints and inspiration to get you started on writing your perfect new hire press release.

Useful Writing Tips

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Your Headline

Writing a press release headline can often be the hardest part; you want to generate enough interest to get people reading, demonstrate clearly what your press release is about – you don’t want to be misleading or ambiguous, and you want to do all of this in as few words as possible.

It’s also important to represent your brand or business within your headline – for example, a conservative organisation might want to take more straightforward approach, but an up-and-coming marketing company might use the opportunity to get creative and show off what they’re capable of with something that represents their brand.

When announcing your new hire, it can be a powerful move to include their full name, their new position, and your company name. A press release headline that reads “Local legal firm announces new junior partner” is a little mundane, it doesn’t generate a great deal of interest.

But imagine instead the headline read “Legal Firm Name appoint Jane Doe as Junior Partner.” This immediately sparks curiosity – who is Jane Doe? What is she going to bring to the team?

Consider, however, that you still want to be as concise as possible. When writing a multiple hire or multiple promotion press release, including every name might be a waste of words and therefore it might be a better idea to ensure you include their names in your opening paragraph instead.

A good headline can be the difference between your news being shared or going unseen; we’re here to help with more press release headline writing tips to get your news noticed.

The Basics

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A press release represents your business – it should reflect your brand and speak to your clientele. A new hire press release should follow the same general guidelines as any press release – it should be written in third person in a neutral tone, kept concise and tailored to the media outlets and potential audience you intend it to reach.

Within a new hire press release, however, it is also vital you answer these questions:

Who is your new hire?

What is their career background (how many years of experience do they have, what was their previous role)?

Who will they replace and who will replace them?

What will their function be in the company?

Whilst the focus of the press release should be on the new employee, it’s also important to intertwine their story with the growth of your company to broaden the story beyond the press release itself. This new team member represents a period of change within your business – consider how they fit into the wider narrative. Do they demonstrate a shift in direction, or perhaps a shift in culture? Are they a part of your expansion or growth? How will these changes benefit your current and potential clients and customers?

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Try to appeal to your audience by getting personal with your new hire. We know that they’ve just been employed/promoted, but what else is interesting about this person?

It’s a great idea to include a quote from your new hire, demonstrating their enthusiasm about the new role, but you should also find a way to incorporate a little of their personality too; perhaps consider briefly mentioning one of their interests, discuss what they will specialise in, or even incorporate something that they enjoy doing every day outside of their professional life. Including a little personality can help your potential and existing customers and clients to relate to your new hire, strengthening their connection to your business.

Use Images

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Using great headshots in your new hire press release is vital for garnering interest in your writing and should always be a priority. A new hire press release without an image of your new hire isn’t likely to be read or to be picked up by a news site.

Think carefully about the images you will use – readers will use your featured photographs to make their first impression. Ensure to use professional headshots – perhaps even include pictures taken in their new work environment; demonstrate to your potential clients that you value your company image.

Examples of Great New Hire Press Releases

If you’re still struggling to get your new hire press release perfected, here’s some examples to draw inspiration from.

At PR Fire, we can guarantee publishing on sites tailored to the specific needs of your business. We also offer a helpful writing service, alongside our distribution service, for an extra fee. You can also choose to add guaranteed publishing, which we offer on several news sites, to ensure your press release reaches the right people.

Multiple New Hire Press ReleaseBusiness Lancashire Story

This press release, distributed by our team at PR Fire, celebrates the appointment of two new solicitors at legal firm Harrison Drury.

It concisely delivers the information needed, demonstrates how these appointments will help to progress and grow the business overall, and gives a little insight into the people themselves.

New Team Member Press Release

Business Manchester Story

This press release, posted on Business Manchester, announces Andrew Jones as Audit Partner for Mazars. Clients, customers and followers of Mazars are immediately introduced to this new senior professional in this company – Mazars include a professional headshot, detail about his career background and quote from Andrew himself to ensure readers get the full picture of their new hire and how he will enhance their business.

Employee Promotion Press Release

Law News Story

This press release, posted on Law News, celebrates the promotion of Angela Ha to Counsel at Volterra Fietta. The headline includes the senior professional’s full name, immediately letting readers of Law News know who is being promoted and the position they are being promoted to. The body of the text includes a quote from Angela Ha, details of her career background and a little about her academic work outside of her practice.

What Next?Picture4 1

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