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Press Release: August 05, 2020

Wasp Control Manchester,Wasp Nest Treatment, Removed, Destroyed Fixed Price Guaranteed Wasp Nest Treatment Service We Will Beat Any Genuine Quote

Manchester Wasp Nest Removal

Fixed Price Wasp Removal


We are usually able to visit within 24 hours and always provide a one hour time slot so you are not stuck in waiting for us to arrive. There are no additional fees for appointments on evenings or at the weekend.


Wasp Pest Control Facts


Please beware of rogue trades who quote a low price over the phone for wasp nest treatment! We have recently become aware of companies operating in the area, who’s cost are extremely low compared to a reputable local company such as our selves. So beware and please don’t get stung!

The wasp is generally the most abundant and disliked of all British insects. The most common of these are the German Wasp and the Common Wasp. Their bodies have the characteristic black and yellow band across the abdomen. They are fairly large insects approximately 14mm in length. Wasps and Hornets look very similar in colour, although the hornet is much larger in size. Hornets and wasp are extremely aggressive and will string without provocation. A wasps nest can be a problem to the householder or business. Wasps are a nuisance to many people, therefore wasp treatment is essential.

The sting is caused by an injection of venom into the victim. Unlike the sting of a bee, the wasp sting can be withdrawn from the victim and used again, wasps can be extremely aggressive. A wasp can sting multiple times which can cause anaphylactic shock to the victim. In extreme cases a hospital visit may be needed, if stung by a wasp multiple times.

Wasp nests should be approached with extreme caution. Multiple stings can be very dangerous. Wasps have a very powerful sting and readily use it to defend the nest or themselves. Unlike bees, which are quite passive, wasps can be very aggressive.

No matter how big or small the wasp or hornet nest may be, wasp control Manchester is able to treat your wasp problem. Wasp nests may be found in roof spaces, wall cavities and air grates of buildings, hanging from trees as well as underground, wasps are extremely common in the UK.

Wasps Control Manchester – Wasps Nest Treatment  fixed price. Wasp control treatment in Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire,  no extra same day service.

Manchester Wasps Nest Treatment  fixed price, same day service.

Should you have wasp or hornet problems in Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire, Manchester Wasp control will offer yourselves wasp control treatment .

We are 100% confident at Wasp control Manchester, your wasp nest will be destroyed on our first visit. If your wasp issue is not resolved on our first visit, we will offer a free call out. We treat wasps or hornet nests in Manchester Stockport and Cheshire, offering a same day service. Manchester wasp control will treat your wasp problem promptly and in a safe manner, with very little impact on the environment.

We operate 24 hour, 7 days a week, no extra charge for weekend work at wasp control Manchester.
Call us on 0161 448 1782 

Wasp Control:

Manchester Wasp Control operatives can treat the nest with an approved industrial insecticide dust, which we inject directly into the wasps nest. A single treatment will normally be all that is needed, however it will take several days for the treatment to work. Wasp Control Manchester can treat your wasps nest problem, same day service.

We provide a safe and efficient wasp control service in your area. We are fully qualified in all aspects of pest control. All prices are fixed over the phone before we arrive.

Please beware of rogue trades who quote a low price over the phone, We have recently become aware of companies operating in the area who’s costs can be ten times what a reputable local company will charge.
A single treatment is all that is needed activity will reduce over a period of around 12 hours and will be completely clear off wasp activity in 48 hours.

For all your pest control problems, call Manchester Pest Control.  Residents in Manchester,Stockport, Cheshire  can count on Manchester Pest Control to keep their homes safe and pest free

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