Are you sitting comfortably? The world’s first easy clean, antimicrobial healthcare chair

Seating in healthcare is commonly utilized in many different environments and must be multipurpose. Because of this they are used multiple times by numerous users. Overtime this can result in fabrics and furniture becoming dirty and harbouring potentially dangerous bacteria.

The solution? Titan Healthcare seating is the world’s first ever easy to clean fully anti-bacterial healthcare chair clinically and scientifically proven to kill 99.9% of all known bacteria and fungal diseases on touch.

A recent study by the London School of Hygiene and Queen Mary, University of London , showed that faecal bacteria can survive on hands and surfaces for hours at a time, especially in warmer temperatures, and is easily transferred by touch to everything from door handles to food. Every year, more than 2,000 deaths are attributed to diseases such as C.Diff, E.coli and MRSA in UK healthcare facilities, and many more cases of people contracting the disease whilst in care.

The chair is one of the most handled pieces of furniture in healthcare, specifically in waiting rooms and at the bedside. This prompted Bristol-based furniture specialists, Titan Healthcare Furniture, to develop their solution.

What singles the chair out is that it has been specifically designed with stakeholders from the UK NHS to meet the demands of their facilities. The chair is easy to clean and has no areas for dirt or bacteria to gather, it is also quick to clean thoroughly, assisting in infection control. The antibacterial property has been integrated throughout to make it 100% effective, even if it is damaged or broken. It works by mixing a silver additive with the plastic during the manufacturing process. Silver is well documented as having antimicrobial properties and is applied in a number of medical situations. When the chair is in use, the plastic releases silver ions which are toxic to bacteria but harmless to humans, therefore destroying more than 99.9% of any bacteria that comes into contact with the surface of the chair, including MRSA and E-Coli. The chair is also capable of supporting up to 25 stone in weight – as specified by the NHS health and safety standards.

Alex Worswick, a designer at Titan Healthcare Furniture, said: “There is nothing more important than feeling safe when you are at your mot vulnerable, and this is especially true for patients and people visiting healthcare facilities in the UK”

“As a furniture manufacturer, we had developed a number of chairs focused on creating better posture and increased safety and hygiene. When we looked into the possibility of creating an antibacterial chair, we fully expected to find it had already been done.

“So we were surprised to see that it hadn’t and, that it had not been created at all in any sector.” It was at this point that the Titan team were prepared to find that the creation of a 100% antibacterial chair was not possible but one of their young product developers discovered an application that worked and performed under the strictest independent scientific conditions.

The chairs have a ten year structural antibacterial guarantee and cost £59.99 depending on numbers ordered. Notes to Editors
Titan has been supplying furniture to the schools market for five years, and last year delivered its products into more than 1000 schools. With the launch of Titan Healthcare the company is gearing up for its busiest year ever, selling into overseas markets as well as in the UK.

All of Titan’s chairs are sold with a 10-year warranty. The 10-year antibacterial guarantee for Titan+ chairs is a further guarantee. Titan has also been at the forefront of efforts to drive further improvements in furniture since rising incidents of back pain among teenagers was highlighted in Parliament in 2006. Its chairs all confirm with EN1729 parts 1 and 2, a European standard that was brought in that year.

“Is Apple set to take a potentially huge bite out of mobile payments market with NFC?”, says Omlis

(Download the full infographic from

The Apple brand is synonymous with technology that is modern, elegant and revolutionary, so it’s no surprise that they have announced a move that is setting the brand up to dominate the emerging mobile payments market in Q3 of 2014. According to Appleinsider, KGI Securities Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts the release of new IPad Airs, IPad Minis, a new 4.7 inch phone and the new iWatch. The game changers are the anticipated addition of NFC capabilities in the iWatch and iPhone devices as well as a potential partnership with VISA.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple are seriously considering options to allow existing users to make payments using iOS mobile devices linked to existing iTunes Subscriptions. The current Apple user experience allows shoppers to make payments in Apple stores by scanning barcodes that are authenticated and charged to their iTunes subscription, but Apple’s ambition to expand its offering to shoppers extends beyond their stores to third party retailers and service providers which a potential partnership with VISA could see the Apple brand ascend to new heights.

BI Intelligence identified one of “Apple’s most quietly powerful advantages” as their 600 million subscriber accounts on file, with most of these accounts having live credit card details. The fact that most Apple subscribers would have opened their subscription with a purchase of an Apple product means that the credit card details stored by Apple are live, setting a platform for simple and quick mobile transactions should Apple offer mobile payments as an option to their customers. Apple’s existing customer base and VISA’s extensive partner network especially through small businesses sets a platform that spells key challenges for their competitors in the race for mobile payments domination.

Markus Milsted, CEO of global mobile payment solutions provider Omlis, said, “The mobile payments industry is experiencing immense growth and Apple’s positioning is a strong indication of the market potential. Apple’s ability to leverage its existing customer base and customer loyalty to their products and brand could be the catalyst the mobile payments market really needs.”

Armed with such a large and active subscriber base, Apple’s ambition is all the more realistic especially as existing devices such as the iPhone 5s currently allow customers to transact in Apple stores using NFC powered by Touch ID authentication and iBeacon technologies. It is widely predicted but unconfirmed that the next Apple mobile device, the iPhone 6, would include pre-installed NFC capabilities to facilitate a mobile wallet function for users of this device.

Markus from Omlis also added that, “Apple still have to deal with streamlining the payment process to the same standard that we at Omlis provide our retail, banking, telecoms, payment service providers and app developer customers, ensuring customer confidence through uncompromised customer transaction security which is their main challenge. That being said, having a strong global brand certainly doesn’t hurt their ambition.”

Since the introduction of the first generation of iPhones in 2007 that sold 1.39 million units, Apple achieved sales of over 150 million units by 2013 and sold over 400 million iPhones between these two periods. The brilliance that surrounds how Apple create such appetite for their products is the speculation and hype that their silence encourages. And although this strategy fuels consumer anticipation and excitement, the launches of previous Apple products dictate that nothing is ever certain until officially confirmed by Apple. With the mobile payments market predicted by Forrester to be worth a staggering $19 billion by 2017, this potentially presents a forbidden fruit that even Apple can’t help but take a huge bite from.

History shows that most markets touched by the Apple brand are held captive, bound by the spell cast by such a strong brand and the same fate seems to be predicted for the mobile payments market. This being said, Apple may want to consider how they would capture Android users especially as current Apple services are limited to the iOS platform and currently exclude the Android platform, which forms the core operating system for brands such as Samsung and Sony. This lack of flexibility could break Apple’s spell in countries where Android users are dominant due to reluctance from merchants to partner with the less dominant OS platform in their market. A partnership with VISA may create a smoother path to global domination in the mobile payments market but recent stats reveal Android dominance as the OS platform of choice across most continents, especially emerging economies who are leading the way in global payment adoption and transaction.

By January 2014, Android OS accounted for over 70% of mobile operating systems in Europe and is compared to Apple’s iOS system which accounted for just 19%. Android currently accounts for 73.61% of the Latin America OS market with Panama, Bolivia and Argentina identified as the largest Android user markets by eMarketer, compared to Apple’s 28.1%. Information provided by Statcounter showed that the adoption of Android OS as the operation system of choice was also on the increase in Africa. Africa experienced increased android OS penetration from 16% in January 2013 to 27.9% by January 2014 and currently at 40.5% whilst Apple’s iOS showed a user decrease from 6.3% to 4.2% within this same period. Apple undoubtedly brings to market a strong, trusted brand that consistently delivers ground breaking innovation. Couple this with VISA who manage the largest global payments network and it would not be unreasonable to conclude that these two coming together spells immense challenges for the completion. Dominance could still be a reach too far for Apple especially with Android OS being the main OS in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America leaving Apple IOS dominant in the Oceania and only just ahead of Android in North America. So is dominance of the mobile payments market a bite too much for Apple? It’s fair to say it really does depend on the market but time will tell.

The Asia Pacific District Cooling Conference Kicks Off in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur: Over a 125 senior level officials are expected to participate in the 3rd Annual Asia Pacific District Cooling conference at the Intercontinental Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. District cooling has taken Asia and Middle East by storm and is being promoted as a way of addressing energy shortages, energy demand and global warming. The DC industry is gaining traction in South-East Asia in the wake of increasing focus on sustainability and the ‘go green’ movement across the globe. There has been a call to the District Cooling industry to promote this feasible technology. The conference will focus on District Cooling becoming a sustainable and reliable technology in future. The honorary address will be delivered by Y.B Datuk Seri Panglima Dr. Maximus Johnity Ongkili, the Minister of Energy, Green Technology & Water, Malaysia. Mohd Sabri Zain, Managing Director, Tenaga Nasional Engineering Corporation (TNEC) will deliver the keynote presentation on the growth of DC projects in Asia Pacific. Tenaga Nasional Berhad is the Diamond Sponsor and SWEP and Alfa Laval are the Silver Sponsors for the event.

The highlight of the first day will be the strategic industry round-table: “Understanding the barriers & challenges to develop a strong foundation for DC implementation.” Noriyasu Maehara,P.Eng, General Manager, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Japan will be presenting on “New design concept for DCS plant for low CO2 Emission & higher performance.” Mitsubishi Heavy Industry is the Official Partner for Centrifugal Chiller. The post lunch session will include a joint presentation on the evaluation of DC as a feasible, affordable and attractive option for private developers, it will be presented by Anand Rohtagi and Anil Vijaychandran, Synergy Consulting Inc, India. It is essential for every investor to understand barriers & challenges to develop a strong foundation for DC. The second day will be opened by an address from Hsieh-Min Loy, Associate Director, Faithful + Gould, Singapore followed by an address by Klass Visser, Principal, KAV Consulting Pty Ltd, Australia, the CO2 Cooling Technology partner for the conference. The official DC Industry Partner is Keppel DHCS. David Sweet, CEO, World Alliance for Decentralised Energy USA, will address the delegates on global opportunities and challenges in Decentralised Energy, Natural Gas and District Cooling. There will be a session on “Sustainability and role of Certification” by Bridge Xue, Chief Representative, AHRI, China. It will be followed by a session on, “Optimal sizing and selection of plate heat exchangers in a district cooling network,” by Stefan Linde, Alfa Laval, Sweden. The highlight of second day will be the interactive panel discussion which will address Challenges faced by Operators. The conference is endorsed by Suruhanjaya Tenaga, Energy Commission, Malaysia. All delegates participating in the 3 day event will be awarded 10 CPD points. To honour the top District Cooling players in the industry Fleming Gulf in collaboration with ReEx Capital Asia is organising the District Cooling Award night on the first day of the conference. Awards will be presented in the following categories: DC Consultant/ Planner/ Developer Award, DC Manufacturer Award, DC Operator/ Asset Owner award and DC Innovation Award. The conference will conclude on the third day with a site visit to Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (LOOP 1 & 2). The 3rd annual district cooling event is a must attend event for district cooling providers, master developers, master planners contractors, consultants & government stakeholders. The event is also sponsored by IAQ, Malaysia, the coffee break sponsor, Cryogel, the Official Thermal Energy partner, the promotional insert sponsors are Ricwil, Malaysia, Genius Cooling Tower and CRISTOPIA Thermal Energy Storage.

Multilingual search news resource launches new website

Multilingual-search provides a digest of the latest news in international search through contributions from search marketing experts based around the globe. Articles are often focused on individual countries, covering developments and trends in specific markets, as well as more general themes which are applicable to anybody involved in global search.

The new look site is designed to improve user experience on multilingual-search with popular columns and features clearly displayed and articles organised into columns so visitors can easily read up on a specific country or area of search.

As well as continued contributions from long-standing authors such as Motoko Hunt, Sante Achille and Kristjan Mar Hauksson, multilingual-search will be welcoming new contributors in the coming weeks and is always looking for new experts to join the team.

Andy Atkins-Krger, Founder and Managing Editor of multilingual-search says,
Multilingual-search offers a great breadth of analysis and breaking news on niche international topics which often do not receive much coverage but are relevant and interesting for marketers working on global campaigns. The additions weve made to the site are designed to make it even easier for users to get the information they need and make contact with our experts.

Visit to see the latest international search news and views.

About WebCertain

WebCertain is the one stop shop for all international search marketing needs.

Operating from just one location, WebCertains team of native speakers from around the globe works together to create bespoke multilingual online campaigns for its clients.

Combining local cultural and linguistic knowledge with search marketing expertise leads to accurate, effective, relevant campaigns which are guaranteed to improve online performance.

From SEO to PPC, Social Media to Usability, Online PR to Web Development, WebCertain offers the full range of online services. In addition to its online services, WebCertains translation arm, WebCertain Translates, provides professional translations and localisation for both on- and offline projects.

For more information on WebCertains services, visit

WebCertain also runs the International Search Summit series – conferences dedicated to international and multilingual search marketing. It started in London in May 2008 and has covered a range of online marketing topics SEO, PPC, Online PR and Social Media.

The conference brings together some of the leading search marketing experts from around the globe, who provide advice on running successful international campaigns. The next Summit is on 13th May at The Barbican in London.

Visit for more information.

Helping travellers to and from the UK affected by the Icelandic volcanic ash

With news that the ash from Eyjafjallajkull, the volcano in Iceland may not subside this week despite hopes to the contrary, disruptions to flights are expected to continue.

Andrea Osborne, the director, explained: I was meant to go to Rome on Thursday so I can completely sympathise with people who are where they dont want to be, I was lucky that minutes before I left for London Heathrow a colleague noticed my flight had been cancelled. Even at that stage wed had a couple of calls from clients affected by the earlier cancellations at Scottish airports. We have organised alternative routes and accommodation where necessary for clients. One client is safely home today after cushion the impact sourced a ticket from Brussels to London from Deutsche Bahn when Eurostar said it no longer had availability. For other clients we have organised the refunds of their flight costs.

cushion the impact offers a tailored lifestyle management service in London and Scotland and thanks to its alliances throughout the world, the company can help clients both within and without the UK.

Anyone affected by the flight restrictions can get in touch with either office with their requirements and the teams will do all they can to assist.

Due to cushion the impacts flexible pricing structure, clients can ask for immediate assistance. There are no membership or joining fees, clients pay for the time used.

cushion the impact offers lifestyle management and concierge services with no membership or joining fees. Clients have a choice of paying an ad hoc hourly rate of £40, or of buying blocks of hours for a discounted rate with prices starting at £27.50.

cushion the impact – making time for you
London: 0207 704 6922
Scotland: 0150 663 1795


For further information contact
Andrea Osborne
cushion the impact – making time for you

London: 0207 704 6922

Beware of Internet Scams, warns Carolina Consulting Ltd

New Companies should be warned, individuals are writing false allegations and posting them on forums with damaging words such as scam. Immediately following these false and damaging forum postings, a PR company will contact your company offering their services to remove the bad press for a small fee.

Carolina Consulting Ltd took immediate action through our in house legal department. It was bought to our attention that these postings are from con artists whose goal is to acquire money from the business for removing their allegations. In the most recent case after stressing our legal terms and demanding the information is removed from the forum we received a response from the author of the posting:

“I have been reviewing the terms of the website and since the complaint
for Carolina Consulting is not based on my own experience, I am happy to
remove it. I am trying to contact the website’s administration team; it
is not possible for me to do it myself. We do not have the intention of
attacking anyone in particular, we just share information. As i said,
since it is not my experience, i am happy to remove that one, once the
website team replied to my email. I dont know how long it will take, therefore I will write a
comment letting readers now, it is not my experience and the information
given might not be true. Again, please contact me to acknowledge the
receipt of this email and to let me know if it is on with you.”

Carolina Consulting Ltd warns other new companies to take action against these malicious and deceptive people and PR companies.

To report a scam:
Blackmail is the crime of threatening to reveal substantially true information about a person to the public, a family member, or associates unless a demand made upon the victim is met. This information is usually of an embarrassing, socially damaging, and/or incriminating nature. As the information is substantially true, the act of revealing the information may not be criminal in its own right nor amount to a civil law defamation; the crime is making demands in exchange for withholding it. English Law creates a much broader definition of blackmail, covering any unwarranted demands with menaces, whether involving revealing information or not.

Carolina Consulting Ltd, 3 More Riverside 109A London England SE1 2RE, Phone: 0203-283-4535, Email: Carolina Consulting ltd is a UK based marketing company helping to increase market share worldwide.


10 Yetis Public Relations Agency in Gloucester,, has acquired a new company vehicle, complete with company logos and branding. The new Smart car, or Yeti-mobile as it has been nicknamed by the team, aims to make the agency more widely recognised around the city of Gloucester and whilst out across the country.

The company car will be used by members of the team for client meets and will also act as a means of transport to ferry the Yetis to and from new business pitches. Whilst this will increase brand visibility to audiences that may not have otherwise been aware of 10 Yetis, the Smart car will also benefit anyone who spots it on an outing.

The agency has vowed to offer anyone who manages to photograph the Yeti-mobile whilst it is out and about a box of retro sweets if they email their picture to The car has been with the agency for a month and has already had a positive response from the public.

As well as being a positive introduction to the agency, the Yeti-mobile has also been a step towards reducing the companys carbon footprint and outgoings. The vehicle is very economical, something which is evident from the £15 worth of petrol it required on a round trip to London.

10 Yetis currently handles the PR for some of the UKs leading consumer website, including the most popular discount website, mobile phone comparison site, online takeaway portal and leading online independent travel agent

Andy Barr, Managing Director of 10 Yetis Public Relations Agency, spoke about the Yeti Smart car;

When we were planning to get the Yeti-mobile, we kept things under wraps as we wanted it to be a big surprise for the team. It was quite amusing to keep the team guessing, as there was a general idea that something was going on, but they really werent sure what.

Were really happy with how the vehicle looks and have had a great deal of compliments about the graphics. Theres no denying that it stands out on the roads, which is exactly what we were aiming for, and we hope that it will create a wider awareness of our brand up and down the country, as well as the possibility of some new business leads.



For more information, or for a high res image of the Yeti-mobile, please contact Shannon Haigh of 10 Yetis Public Relations Agency on 01452 348211, email or via Twitter @ShazzaYeti.

Editors Notes

10 Yetis Ltd is a leading Gloucestershire-based public relations agency that launched in Gloucester in 2007. Since setting up, the agency has acquired a number of well-known clients on a national and international scale.

Some of the biggest clients that 10 Yetis currently represent are the UKs leading discount website, leading online independent travel agent, online takeaway portal and mobile phone comparison website

Majority of top UK employers supporting volcano victims

More than half of the UKs top employers are planning to give paid time off to those caught up in the chaos caused by the Icelandic volcano eruption, according to a new survey.

The poll was carried out yesterday by talent management specialist, Ochre House (, amongst members of its HR Network, an association of HR directors from over 600 of the UKs leading employers. 51% of respondents were planning to pay employees for days lost, 27% were intending to count it as part of holiday entitlement and 23% were planning to split the time with employees, paying them for half of the days lost.

The key note seemed to be flexibility and sympathy for employees plight. As one HR director in a major construction company put it, We are taking the view that this is an exceptional situation and asking managers to be flexible in deciding if and how much annual leave will be taken. Some employees can work remotely and if so were asking them to do this. We have also had a few new starters who have been stranded and not started in which case we will adjust their start date to when they return.

More than four-fifths of organisations we polled had policies on this in place as of Monday, says the Ochre House Networks director, Prashanie Dharmadasa, however most admit that they are having to keep these under review because of the unpredictable nature of the crisis. At the moment the bulk of organisations are proving extremely generous but many are already flagging up that they cant afford to keep this up indefinitely.

Cash loans- Easy finance to add peace to your life

Earlier it was really difficult to avail small loan support as it required lots of documents mess and faxing hassle. With the introduction of cash loans, one can get small and hassle free monetary support to meet unexpected financial aid. If you are undergoing any type of financial hardships and need a quick remedy, apply with this loan option without any mess.

The C.E.O. Karin Plantar of says that cash loans are the shortest and quickest loan aid that provides quick money right away. The approval process is fast and easy with online application method. These modes will avail the required money to the borrower in 24 hours of application. Do not need to leave the comfort of your home or office and neither have to waste the time in standing long queues. Once you get approved, lender transfers the borrower amount in applicants checking account without any delay.

All the UK residents with eighteen years or above are eligible to get cash loans. You do not have to worry about your bad credit status as cash loans lender do not follow any credit checking process. If you are having any bad factors like insolvency, foreclosures, CCJ, arrears, skipped payments and so on, you are still eligible. No collateral is required because it is small temporary loan help for all.

Thus, anytime when you need monetary assistance as unexpected expenses cannot be avoided, avail cash loans for immediate aid right away. To overcome your small fiscal hardships, this can be the right approach for everyone in need.

For more information about cash loans please visit here

Keep Happy and Hydrated with Water Coolers from Crystal Clear

The human body is made up of seventy percent water; health experts reassure the public that in order to stay healthy in life, drinking sufficient amounts of water is the key. Crystal Clear; leading UK supplier of water cooler systems can supply any working or study environment with refreshing, cool and clean filtered water.

In working situation such as schools and offices, experts have shown that concentration is improved thanks to the installation of water coolers around these environments. Crystal Clear can provide excellent quality products including water coolers, water dispensers and the necessary accessories to keep clients thoroughly hydrated and healthy.

With a culture occupied with weight loss and obesity cases on the increase; dietary experts recommend that two litres of water be consumed every day to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Crystal Clear can not only provide the bottled water coolers for the work and home space, but also ensure that regular maintenance is carried out to any of the water dispenser products. If a working environment is serving a large number of people, Crystal Clear offers a solution in the form of plumbed in water coolers- providing easier and faster access to a fresh supply of cool water.

Will Reber from Crystal Clear talks about the benefits of using a water cooler to stay hydrated and happy a water cooler system is the perfect alternative to constantly paying out for numerous amounts of bottled water, it will also free up any fridge space in the office and home usually occupied by said bottles without compromising colleague access to a supply of fresh, clean and cold water

The browse the range of water cooler systems available from Crystal Clear, or to make a service enquiry visit the website on

About Crystal Clear: Crystal Clear Products (2000) Ltd is an Essex based company, founded on 1st January 2000. They supply water cooler products and services to thousands of customers across 7 counties. By putting the needs of customers first and foremost, Crystal Clear Products has earned a reputation for high quality products and un-paralleled customer service.

When the heat is on and summer’s in full swing you can rely on us to get you water when you need it the most. Crystal Clear also will ensure that your water cooler machine is sanitised and maintained in optimum condition every three months so your water tastes the way it should.