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Bootstrapped Estonian Software Startup, Ganttic, Celebrates 10 Years

Press Release: August 19, 2020

This week, Ganttic, a cloud-based resource management platform, celebrates 10 years in the software industry. This is no easy feat for even the biggest global brands and something that is all the more impressive given that there was no big VC money to play around with at its founding. Co-founder and CEO Ivar Veenpere notes this when he explains: 
“We’ve always thought of ourselves as “cowboys” of the software industry. And we make decisions based upon what we think is right for our customers, not based on trends or what investors want.”
Launched in August 2010 by a small team of Estonian “cowboys,” the web-based scheduling app was actually conceived years earlier and went through a number of iterations. Now with more than 20 years of experience under their belts, Veenpere and CTO Rainer Kivimaa, ⅔ of the original founders, continue to improve and develop on Ganttic’s original ethos and design. 
“Sustainability and diversity are what guide us. Not only for us as an organization -  one reason why we went the bootstrapped route - but also for our clients and their resources. We want to make their resources more efficient, whatever that may be, and give them the tool to do so,” adds Veenpere.
Ganttic hails from Tartu, Estonia. The small Baltic country has seen a recent boom in the startup scene and has made headlines worldwide by boasting the highest number of “unicorns” (private companies that reach 1bn USD) per capita.  However, when Ganttic was established, this landscape looked very different. In the time before Skype was a household name, “startup” was a word companies shied away from, as it could impact one’s credibility. Moreover, Ganttic never ran their business like so many startups. Choosing instead to rely on the business values of “forward thinking” and “revolutionary,” instead. One reason why it’s been profitable for the past 6 years.  This is the case today, as Ganttic prides itself on designing no-frills software aimed to improve project, resource, and portfolio management. Offering the flexibility of spreadsheets with the features of dedicated management software, such as heightened security, ease of use, and automated features, the tool is an affordable choice for companies of all sizes, industries, and work practices. As Kivimaa notes:
“We don’t so much create software to manage your organization or project, but a platform and the tools with which you can create your own management system. That’s what’s clicked for so many of our clients. And one reason why our clientele has always been so diverse.”
Now with a user base located on 6 continents and an accumulation of thousands of clients engaged in everything from engineering, to R&D, creative industries, and more, the app has earned tremendous praise along the way. All this is even more exciting considering Ganttic’s humble origins.  The next step for Ganttic is branching out into project management techniques and embracing future technologies. Later this year, Kanban boards will be included in the planner, in addition to the pre-existing Gantt charts. And plans to roll out more options for better security are also in the works. This is all paired with the recent launch of Ganttic API, giving more options for customization and control. As Veenpere concludes:
“We’re continuously trying to listen to our customers and find answers to the problems they have. They are the ones doing the hard work. And we’re just trying to help them get their job done. Whether that’s helping them build better life boats, develop better medical treatments, train better firefighters, or make better films. Our goal is to give them the solution for that.”

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