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Luxembourg Makes Winter Tyres Compulsory For British Drivers

Luxembourg might not be the most popular destination for a driving holiday, but there are some good reasons for going there.

One of these is that petrol and diesel prices are the cheapest in Europe, at £1.08 per litre for petrol and £0.99 for diesel. But if you visit the Duchy in the winter be aware that from October 1st 2012 Luxembourg made winter tyres compulsory whenever the roads are covered with snow and/or ice.

Very few UK motorists fit winter tyres as a matter of course, so taking your car to Luxembourg in winter means you need to have access to local and reliable weather forecasts and road traffic updates. If you are caught out you will be fined 74 euros.

It is important for UK drivers to be up tp speed on this. The law applies even to vehicles passing through the Duchy, and one of the main routes from the ferry ports of Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Zeebrugge towards the ski resorts of Austria goes through Luxembourg. And there are rules about winter tyres covering Germany, Austria, Italy and France, and next year the EU is expected to come up with winter tyre standards which may well mean even more countires will adopt a stricter policy on fitting winter tyres.

Winter tyres have either a snowflake symbol on the sidewall or some combination of the letters M&S, M+S, M.S. They are designed not just for snow and ice, but also give much improved grip once the temperature falls below about 7 degrees centigrade.

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