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Increasing Number of Young Britons Wanting to Move Abroad.

More and more young Britons are thinking of moving overseas, according to a new survey.

A steady, but noticeable increase was found in figures from the De Vere Group, which stated a 36 per cent rise in enquiries over the summer season from people under the age of 40 about emigration.

CEO of De Vere, Nigel Green remarked: “The vast majority of people tell us that they believe they will be more financially and personally fulfilled in another country,” Mr Green remarked.

He added that a common misconception was that emigration is seen mainly for older retirees; however it seems a lot of working age people are also keen to move abroad. The main reasons being the increasing cost of living and lack of career opportunities.

Other studies show that it is especially prevalent with young graduates.

The GfK International Employee Engagement Study highlighted that 38 per cent of younger UK graduates would consider moving overseas for better jobs.


Places such as Australia continue to be popular, but locations like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Singapore are also showing signs of increasing interest. Another place is South Africa as areas such as Cape Town are appealing for their beautiful surroundings and low cost of living.


The website Eurograduate stated that other countries have working hours and work ethics that are “often different and the quality of life is seen to be better.”

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