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A New Guide To Personal Finances Says “it’s time to fight back”

The high street is full of financial bullies – from supermarkets to banks – who grab your cash and give you poor deals in return, claims a new book published today. It’s not enough to defend yourself against their tricks and tactics. It’s time to fight back. Money Fight Club is a consumer guide to avoiding the scams, spotting the bogus deals and getting what you want. It’s packed with practical advice and useful techniques showing you how to fight for your rights.

Money Fight Club founders Anne Caborn and Lindsay Cook say they wrote the book because a disturbing number of supermarkets, financial institutions and utility companies are guilty of financial mugging and bully boy tactics: Every day consumers are confronted with the evidence: • oversold inappropriate financial products
• baffling supermarket prices and poor labelling • special offers that are more expensive than the normal price
• confusing gas and electric tariffs
• bamboozling and punitive phone and broadband contracts.

The book shows people how deal with a whole range of everyday situations – in person, over the phone, in writing or through legal channels – to deal with everything from correcting supermarket mistakes to understanding pensions.

“The traditional advice has always been ‘look after your money’, be careful about what you spend it on and how much you spend,” explains Anne Caborn. “The emphasis has been on defending your hard won savings from, say cowboy builders or smooth talking market traders.”

“We say you’re just as likely to be dealing with cowboys on the high street and representing well known brands. It’s not enough to defend your hard earned cash. You have to fight back.”

“Every day I come across something that I feel is intended to confuse customers and part them from more of their money than they would like,” adds Lindsay Cook. “We have to be aware of the pitfalls and warn others to avoid them also.” Both women have backgrounds in financial journalism, live in Sussex, England and are available for interview. For more information call +441273553393.

Money Fight Club: published by Kindle priced and available on Amazon worldwide.

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