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Self Storage Industry Growth is Good News for Bargain Hunters

The dramatic growth of the self storage industry has provided an easy solution for people looking to secure their possessions outside the home – but it’s also given rise to a new trend for bargain-hunters everywhere. Self storage has boomed in recent years, with over 58,500 registered facilities operating in 29 countries globally. Last year, the number of self storage sites grew by 8% in the UK according to the Self Storage Association, while 1 in 10 US households are currently renting a share of the 2.3 billion square feet of storage space. And with this growth has come a new phenomenon: the self storage auction.

These auctions, which have become particularly popular in the United States, are held when people are persistently unable to pay the rent on their self-storage unit. By holding an auction of the unit’s contents, the facility manager can recoup the lost money. Self-storage auctions are beginning to gain interest in the UK, and according to Edinburgh-based Flexistore Self Storage, it’s only a matter of time before they really take off. A spokesperson said: “Self storage has grown at an incredible rate in recent years, but on the occasions when people can’t pay their rent or clear their unit, the only option is to auction the goods off.

“We’re already seeing some auctions taking place in the UK, but in the States there are thousands of sales each week, with people desperate to find bargains or collectors’ items.”

As the self storage industry has grown, so has Flexistore. Established in 2002, it was the UK and Europe’s first mobile self storage operator, providing an instant transport solution for customers who previously had to use a local removal or van rental company.

With specialist services in personal and business storage, records management, student storage and even a shipping service, Flexistore now has warehouses in over 17 regions across the UK. People looking for storage in Preston are catered for just as easily as people looking for storage in Maidstone, and Flexistore even has dedicated facilities in North, South, East and West London.

Its online ‘vault estimator’ is an innovative example of the technology it employs to give customers the most efficient and cost-effective storage solution possible, a real advantage when the latest UK Self Storage Association data suggests that people are renting their goods for longer, up from 22 weeks in 2007 to 38 weeks in 2010.

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