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Spoon Radio announces a free internet radio focused on the rock community

The founders of Spoon Radio, located online at, announce the launch of their all-rock internet radio website. The site offers free access to the full spectrum of rock music, ranging from the classic sounds of The Rolling Stones to modern songs from Muse and The Darkness. Users are able to access streaming music on-demand from the website or through customized smartphone applications.

This Internet Radio is designed to fill a unique niche in the free internet radio market. In addition to 24/7 streaming rock of all types, Spoonradio’s website features an array of original articles and columns about rock legends, great albums and the stories behind iconic songs, such as Oasis’ “Wonderwall.” A playlist feature provides quick access to top hits that users can purchase or stream online. Users can also set e-mail notifications, which will inform them when their favorite songs are played on Spoon Radio.

Exceeding the capabilities of most online streaming radio websites, Spoon connects fans to the latest news about their favorite artists and to each other. Every column and article creates an opportunity for fans to leave comments and become a part of a thriving dialogue. News columns, such as “Last Minute” and “Rock ‘Zine” keeps rock fans on top of the releases of new albums from their favorite acts and takes them behind the scenes in the lives of the people behind the music.

Perhaps one of the best features of Spoon Radio is the diverse number of options for accessing the streaming radio content from a computer or smartphone. Customized apps for every major smartphone operating system, including Apple’s iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone, as well as iPads maximize accessibility of Spoon Radio’s tremendous library of music. Apps allow users to see the title and artist for each song, as well as viewing full-screen album artwork. Windows and Mac widgets keep music at hand all the time without needing to visit the website.

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