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What induces a man to seek an isolated place, surrounded by nature? And why the man in that place began to play alone more than fifty different instruments, ranging from ‘I-pad on the mandolin, from misa-kitara on the ney? These are the questions that we asked ourselves when we met ALUEI for the first time. In the name, we can find many answers. A is the vocal of the Heart chakra. L stands for LOVE, LIGHT (body, world, 1° dimension). U is the vocal of the Root chakra. E is the vocal of the chakra of the Third eye: the Intuition. I is the vocal of the chakra that connects us to the Great Soul of Universe, the Transcendent. ALUEI thinks that “The Art is the sublime work of the researcher that combines the physical world, the world of the soul and the spiritual world in a ONE. It serves to transform the human being from lead to gold. Gold is within us. Music is used to connect our soul to this wisdom that is within ourselves. NADA BRAHMA OM”, as he told us. For him, ART is a question of life or death, a necessity that arises from the need to connect with the vibrations of the Multiverse, to transform them into music, and share it. He was born in Naples in this life, but definitely in his previous lives was born and raised in India for a long time. But also in Africa, Japan, China, Polynesia, Alaska, Russia, America, Europe, Armenia. We do not know much about his real name and his life. ALUEI tells all in his music. Through his music, we can guess that ALUEI knows the compositional techniques of the past, of the present and of the future. Through his music, we can understand that he is a good composer and a good performer. Through his music, we can understand that ALUEI has its own music, he is its music, which he calls ONE VIBRATION. When you listen to his music, you immediately feel the need to let go and to participate in its ritual. Where can we find him? In every part of the world where there is a good vibration, ONE VIBRATION.

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