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Slow Control first Digital Fork for “Eating slowly for better health” Introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show

The first digital fork to help users “eat slowly for better health” will be presented at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, by inventor Jacques Lepine, president of the Slow Control company along with partner Hapilabs.

Jacques Lepine, founder of Slow Control company, specialists of “eating slowly for better health,” will be present at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, January 8-11, 2013, for the introduction of the company’s new consumer product, the first digital fork with an electronic feedback loop that helps users control their eating speed.

 Slow Control, a new entrant in the growing “quantified self” market, is a CES innovation honoree along with their partner Hapilabs. Hapilabs will distribute Hapifork, the first brand powered by Slow Control patented technology. Hapilabs will also provide consumers with a web and mobile environment and nutrition coaching.

The Slow Control digital fork helps the user adapt his or her eating rate to the speed recommended by a nutritionist or dietitian in two steps. The first step occurs during the meal. Thanks to Slow Control technology, the digital fork sends an immediate vibrating signal to the user that the speed limit has been surpassed. The second step occurs after the meal. The Slow Control fork provides a feedback mechanism by generating a visual representation of the recorded behavior. A spoon handle is also included in the Slow Control package.

Jacques Lepine, French engineer and inventor, developed the technology for the digital fork, in response to his own desire to combat frequent indigestion by slowing down his food intake at mealtime. “Slow Control is bringing its contribution to the war on overweight with our digital fork and online application. Working with nutritionists Drs Arnaud Cocaul and Suren Budhan in France, we have been very impressed by the increasing scientific knowledge in support of “eating slowly” for better health.” 

According to advisor, Dr. Consigny, “the Slow Control fork with its personalized feedback graphs may well be the tool we have been missing in order to make weight control programs simple, objective, long-lasting and replicable.”

Denise Silber, digital health specialist and president of Basil Strategies, partner to Slow Control, notes that “the recognition of Slow Control in both the Cap’tronic awards program for electronic excellence and by the CES innovation jury demonstrates the increasing convergence of healthcare and the digital world in daily life.”

Slow Control, founded in 2008, is a French software technology firm specialized in the development of quantified self tools for better health. Slow Control supports the “eating slowly” approach to better health through the use of daily objects that become intelligent thanks to embedded electronics and software feedback.


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