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Tn Nursery Donated Free Trees & Garden Plants To Hurricane Sandy Victims

Tn nursery Is Offering Free trees To Hurricane Sandy Homeowners

Hurricane Sandy has caused a lot of devastation especially to people on the eastern coast of the United States, Thousands of people in the New York and New Jersey areas have been without power for over a week. While this seem bad things are worst for others. Many people have lost their homes due to the hurricane. It is going to take a while to rebuild from this natural disaster. When things seem like they are at their worst there are many people that are willing to help. The TN Tree Nursery is donating free trees to those looking to rebuild their homes and their lives before the storm.

The TN Nursery is located out of Altamount, Tennessee and would like to help people by giving them trees and plants that have been lost in the store. For people that had everything ripped away from them something this simple can mean so much. It is easy to contact TN Nursery and request or nominate someone for the free trees. Upon visiting their website at all a person has to do is complete a simple form. A person has to enter their name and contact information such as an email or phone number. They also have to enter a description of the type of storm damage that was done to their home as a result of Hurricane Sandy. A person can also include a picture of the damage and email it to the nursery.

The staff members will then work hard to find the type of tree that will fit into a person’s geographic zone. They need to choose something that will adapt well to the area and will be able to withstand the conditions from future storms. The staff members will then contact the person and have their tree sent to them. The program is open to all homeowners that have had damage done to their property as a result of the storm. TN Nursery has a number of different plants that can grow in any area. Some of the features on this site include wetland plants, vines, and trees that produce fruit. A free plant is also sent out with every order that is made. They are licenses to sell the flowers and trees in every state and have been a proud wholesaler for a number of years. The Nursery has been in business for over sixty nine years. They are authorized and verified as a trusted site to sell their landscaping items online. TN Nursery is also a member of the American Nursery and Landscape Association. TN Nursery had much success over the years and want to be able to give back to those that were less fortunate. For more information about the free tree program be sure to visit their website at

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