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Altons Reveal the Surprise Star of the London 2012 Olympics

A surprising winner to come out of the London 2012 Olympics is no athlete and although a star of the Opening ceremony, it is no pop star or famous actor. The rolling landscapes of Great Britain complete with horses tilling real soil were the world’s first glimpse of the event, and along with the gardens of the Olympic Park it has reignited a passion in gardening for a lot of spectators, according to Altons Garden Centre.

The project to turn polluted wasteland into flowerbeds, meadows and grasslands was a key part of the Olympic celebrations and has been designed to last beyond the competition. The landscaping took over 2 years to complete but the result is a stunning setting providing a tranquil legacy of the event itself.

The Olympic Park provided an area for reflection and relaxation in amongst the excitement of the games, and the head gardener, Des Smith says that it also ‘softens the hard edges of all the buildings’ in the urban setting of the London 2012 Olympic Games. Now, gardeners are recreating their own space for reflection and relaxation by purchasing garden benches, enabling them to spend more time outside, at home. With garden lighting also receiving increased sales, it would seem that focus on nature and landscaping within the games combined with the dramatic, side by side acts of pastoral against industrial in the Opening Ceremony have also provided gardeners with inspiration and ideas on how to light, enjoy and conserve their own piece of nature. The interest in gardening since has been notable and the aim of the Olympic Park project has also inspired many gardeners to get back to nature in their own back yard, as the Opening Ceremony and Olympic Park have proven that horticulture of any size provides a haven from the harshness of city life.

Altons Garden Centre, comments: ‘The Olympics will leave behind a legacy for years to come of an exciting moment in British history. But the surprise star of the show who will also enjoy increased interest is gardening! We are delighted that there was a focus on landscaping within the games and that it has furthermore encouraged people to look after their own little patch of green and take pleasure from relaxing in it and enjoying it’.

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