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Liquid Loans Announces Website Redesign

Popular payday loans company Liquid Loans has today announced that their website has been treated to a complete redesign. Liquid Loans has been a one stop shop for short term payday loans for customers since 2008 and are continually looking to update and adapt their brand to suit the needs of their customers. With this in mind, they have just announced that their website has now been updated with loads of additional content aimed at helping their customers on their payday loans journey. The owners of Liquid Loans have reorganised the site to ensure that the site is as customer driven as possible, they have added pages such as: • Responsible Borrowing
• Jargon Buster • Money Management Managing Director Michael said of the update: “We are really excited about the new look and feel of Liquid Loans as we’ve worked really hard to ensure that it is as useful for our customers as possible. We have added a Jargon Buster to help with the terms that are usually used when looking for a loan and a responsible borrowing page to act as a guide for potential customers. This is as well as a money management page to the site, trying to encourage those who may have already taken out too many loans to seek help from a repayment plan instead of taking out an additional loan. We’re confident that our customers will find the experience of applying through Liquid Loans one of the best available online ” Although the site has been updated the qualifications to apply for a loan and the loan amounts are still exactly the same.

To apply for a loan you must:

• Be 18 or over

• In employment earning a minimum of £500 per month
• Have a UK bank account with a debit card The repayment costs are also still the same at around £25 for every £100 which is borrowed (or a Representative APR of 1940.5%. Liquid Loans also boast additional services and if they are unable to provide you with a loan straight away, they can provide customers with many options afterwards such as further loan offers with partners. Also, their application process has also been tweaked with customers in mind, ensuring that everything is as smooth and hassle free as possible. Following extensive customer feedback, the inclusion of a status bar and timer means that customers can see the status of their application as they go through. Liquid Loans are still completely committed to encouraging responsible borrowing from our customers, as well as only working with lenders who are responsible. They continue to provide a service to their customers which is honest and reliable. [Ends]
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For more information contact:
Liquid Loans is an online provider of payday loans
Liquid Loans was launched in 2008 Representative 1940.5%APR or £25 on top of each £100 borrowed. (Some lenders may have nominal additional costs)

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