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Discover How To Use Studs On Leather Clothing To Get A Punk Retro Style

Do you clear your wardrobe out less often than you should? Are you a hoarder? When going through old clothes that have been stored for more than a couple of years consider an alternative to donating to friends or simply throwing in the bin, by personalising clothing with the addition of studs and spikes.

By definition the word ‘fashion’ tends to be used for fleeting seasons, this month’s Must Have may well end up in the back of a wardrobe for years gathering dust. When seeking that new look, think about how you can turn your old leather jackets or denim clothing into a retro punk look with minimal cost.

Using simple leatherwork tools it’s straightforward to add metal studs to your clothing, and once you start you will be surprised how soon the method becomes quick and efficient as you pierce leather and add your studs and spikes in any design you wish. Choose the size of stud relevent to the item, ranging from small, medium large and even extreme sizes and styles such as spikes and skulls.

Use of leatherwork tools suitable for Conical Studs, Pyramid Studs, Dome Studs, Rectangular Studs, and Extreme Spikes makes personalising any item of clothing a real breeze. With the advent of video sharing websites on the internet, instructional videos on how to stud a bag, or even old leather slouch chairs to add that Wow Factor when people see them for the first time are demonstrated with easy to follow instructions.

Metal studs and spikes for leather clothing, denim shorts and similar are now freely available to buy direct from suppliers on the internet, indeed, UK based sellers offer great prices when buying wholesale together with free post and packing, so take time to choose a website that offers great deals when buying online.

Studs and Punks offer free UK shipping on all leatherwork tools and studs with no minimum spend on any quantity.

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