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Fueltron Fuel Saving Device saves 7% of Energy in Industrial Steam Boiler and reduces CO2 emissions

UK based Fluid Dynamics Fueltron has just finished a rigorous 3 month test at Otsopa soft drinks factory in Thailand.

Fitted to a steam boiler the Fueltron achieved achieved a remarkable 7% reduction in the natural gas needed to raise the same amount of steam.

Success in Unilever

In Unilever Too in South America the Fueltron has also achieved considerable fuel savings so great that Fluid Dynamics has issued quotes to Unilever in almost every Latin American Country.

The Fueltron works by improving the combustibility of fossil fuels so that they burn with a higher temperature and thus more efficiently.

The patent applied for Fueltron is simple to fit, has no moving parts and needs no electrical connections.

Robert Spencer Chairman of Fluid Dynamics says: This ground breaking technology will save literally millions in fuel for companies running industrial steam boilers all over the world and with the product already proven by Unilever and Otsopa we are expecting significant worldwide sales in 2013

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