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Capacity for solar power in Britain continues to grow

Britain’s installed capacity for solar power increased by over 50% between March and June this year as developers race to install large scale solar projects before changes to the Feed in Tariffs scheme.

Installed solar panel projects have increased the capacity for solar power eighteen fold in the last year, with solar farms in the UK now able to produce 121.6 MW of energy. Earlier this month, two of the country’s biggest solar farms were also connected to the grid.

The government plans on slashing the amount of money paid out as part of the Feed in Tariffs for large scale installations such as solar farms so that there is enough funding  available for domestic projects.

As part of the Feed in Tariffs scheme, homeowners can receive money for installing photovoltaic solar panels to their property by selling any unused electricity back to the National Grid. There are also similar renewable heat incentives available for other renewable energy sources, so all homeowners can benefit.

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