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Student Accommodation Sheffield. Are Students Dropping Out Through Lack Of Funds?

Are Student Accommodation Costs Driving People Away From University Education.
Student accommodation in Sheffield is rising above the rate of inflation because of increases in council tax and ever increasing maintenance costs. A recent survey has shown that student accommodation costs are a major cause of stress for students in the city.
Sheffield 01/11/2012. A local student housing landlord has conducted a survey among its 300 tenants to find out what are the major causes for students dropping out of university education.
In addition to the ordinary reasons such as missing home and family, not liking the course they are taking, the cost of tuition fees etc. The main reasons for stress are financial.
With tuition fees of up to £9,000 per year plus the cost of books, computers and other necessities for their education many students are also faced with high costs of student accommodation in Sheffield.
While Sheffield is not considered as expensive as other university cities, costs are relative to the students overall finances.
Two factors that the survey found was that deposits for student accommodation were a serious issue with many as were costs of internet access. Many students told the survey that they had to move away from the centre of Sheffield to be able to afford rents and deposits. This in itself caused more stress because they were then faced with travelling costs and in many cases the quality of the accommodation was not to a suitable standard.
The survey found that all the students questioned wanted to ideally live within walking distance of the university campus in a good standard of accommodation at a realistic rent, but not have to pay large deposits. They also said that free internet access was desirable.
The landlords concerned MAF Properties have been landlords for student accommodation in Sheffield for nearly 30 years .The two brothers who own the business were concerned that they could potentially lose a percentage of their tenants because of financial difficulties and stress.
Their website now shows that all their student properties, ranging from one bedroom flats through to eight bedroom apartments, are now available with no deposits required and also with free internet access.
The quality of the student accommodation in Sheffield can only be described as true home from home with quality fixtures and fittings throughout the properties. More importantly all properties are within easy walking distance of all university campuses. This was a direct result of regular contact with their tenants and understanding that by helping students in the short term they as a company would benefit long term.
A true win win situation for students in Sheffield.
For More Information Contact ;
MAF Properties 351,Glossop Road, Sheffield. S10 2HP.
Telephone.0114 272 6006.

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