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School Prospectus Examine The Value Of Blogging For Schools

For over a decade, School Prospectus have been creating print and digital prospectuses for schools across the UK. However, the company warn that educational establishments need to utilise traditional and modern forms of communication to engage students, their families and the communities in which they are situated if they intend to have an online identity. Social media has become quickly entrenched in the function of daily life and now the public expects to receive news and information quickly and concisely through digital platforms; blogs are an effective tool for doing that and are as relevant to the success of a primary school prospectus as that of a college. A spokesperson for School Prospectus said,

“Schools are not just centres for instruction and learning, they have a vital role to play in their communities and need to be able to communicate their strengths and successes to their audience – one which is made of up of young people, parents, local business and authorities who all expect them to have their finger on the pulse of what is happening socially, locally and technologically. Blogging is a great way for schools to demonstrate that they do that.” In a recent study conducted by IBM, the Smarter Consumer survey highlighted the point that traditional school prospectus design in print alone is no longer sufficient. A third of those interviewed explained that they would research parenting websites such as Mumsnet when considering the best school for their child to attend. Where previously parents were reliant on league tables, they now prefer using less formal online sources to examine the reputation, facilities and activities of a school. One of the most powerful indicators of a school’s performance is the satisfaction of its pupils. School Prospectus are providing schools with a website construction and advice service which affords students the opportunity to contribute online articles to their own secondary school or sixth form prospectus, satisfying Ofsted’s educational philosophy of a ‘whole-school approach.’ Similarly teaching staff and management are able to regularly update general news about school successes in the arts, sports and sciences as well as celebrating pupil achievement and curricular excellence. This empowers them to build relationships with parents, pupils and the community – something a traditional print prospectus alone does not allow. To find about more about School Prospectus, visit


School Prospectus is the UK’s market leading prospectus design company, offering a comprehensive service of digital, print, and social media marketing for schools.

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