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Doing a Jigsaw Puzzle Can Make You More Money

Did you know jigsaw puzzles are a fun and mentally stimulating way to relax. But if you need another reason to get your puzzling juices flowing, how about this: recent research shows that people who regularly do jigsaws actually have higher salaries!

It’s true. The UK’s top puzzle producer, Jumbo Games, carried out the survey across more than 1000 British adults in employment and found that those who regularly do jigsaws earn on average an impressive 7% more than those who don’t. And if that’s not enough to convince you of the lucrative benefits of jigsaw puzzling, try this for size: nearly three quarters of the highest earners are avid puzzlers. The statistics show that 70% of people earning in excess of £120,000 enjoy doing jigsaws three or more times every week.

Haven’t tried jigsaw puzzles for a while? Why not consider the current top selling adult jigsaw brand in the UK, Wasgij, available from (If you’ve already spotted that the brand name is jigsaw spelt backwards, you’re obviously a puzzler in the making!) The humorous Wasgij jigsaws even make you puzzle over the answer – your challenge is to work out from the image on the box what the finished picture should look like. No wonder there’s a proven link between competitive salaries and regular puzzlers.

So as the autumn nights draw in and the economic climate shows precious little sign of changing, a jigsaw puzzle could be just the thing to increase your personal motivation AND perhaps even the cash in your pocket.

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