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Last Chance To Apply For The Latest Web Mission To India (Deadline Midnight 9th December 2012)

Web Mission 2013 is the latest of a series of entrepreneur-led missions to key international markets, helping early stage UK companies assess and accelerate overseas business opportunities.
UK companies taking part in a Mission benefit from the quality of the connections, know-how and stimulus during a week-long agenda where they will meet investors, customers, partners, peers and media. Entry is via a competitive process and those who are judged to be able to make the best of the opportunity are selected to come.
Previous Missions to San Francisco and Boston have attracted a large amount of publicity, business growth and built real camaraderie and support for attending companies. Our next mission, to India, seeks to build on this heritage and introduce a new set of companies to India, to build vital connections in a still growing, but already massive market.
It is a cliché to note that India is country of contrasts, with its ultra wealthy, huge middle class and large ‘bottom of the pyramid’.
We see opportunities for early stage companies or SMEs with innovative business models, products and services (mainly delivered over mobile telephones) of scale for low and middle-income populations in urban and rural India that target business-to-business opportunities within the Indian value chain.
There are massive opportunities for selling at the base of the pyramid, as most of the urban and rural poor are involved in business services of one kind of or another. Through working with Indian partners, UK ICT companies can develop services that get them better information to support healthcare, education and enterprises.
Also, as India develops its infrastructure, we believe there are opportunities for technology that supports smart cities – from ICT, wireless technologies, transport and utilities optimisation to media, gaming and shopping.
Selected companies will travel to Bangalore and New Delhi (on 2-10 February) and benefit from a packed agenda of cultural and business insights, networking and pitching opportunities. Entries must be received by 9th December 2012. Apply to join here:

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