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Massive Landslide of Claims to PCT’s as Care Home Fees Rise

Care home fees are subject to increase in the future if the NHS is forced to remove covering almost £2 billion in annual bills for care homes.

The NHS Confederation stated that costs cannot be diverted in the long term, which may lead to increases in fees for those needing continuing care.

Jo Webber, who is a policy director for the NHS Confederation stated “The health service cannot keep on picking up the pieces of a broken social care system.”

Current UK rules dictate that any person with assets totalling more than £23,500 is made to cover the entire amount of care home fees. Last year alone saw almost 25,000 people having to sell their property to cover such costs.

Some people feel these amounts are unjustified. One woman in Salisbury is currently attempting to claim £170,000 pounds in compensation after her mother had to sell her home to cover care home costs. This home sold for £150,000, but due to the care demanded as a result of her mother having dementia and diabetes, the fees equate to almost £800 a week. That money is almost gone.

Cheselden, who specialise in helping reclaim legitimate wrongly paid care home fees, has learnt that PCT’s across England have had a massive response to news of last Sundays cut off for claims up to March 21 2011. The NHS has declared that any claims before this date that have not been registered will not be reviewed. However Cheselden believes this cut-off will be challenged and will continue to lodge claims where their review teams support a claim.

Colin Ball of Cheselden says: ‘PCT’s have been inundated with claims from families and non-specialist firms who are making a claim ‘just in case’ – this will clog up the system. PCT’s are obliged to carry out a check list on all cases, however we believe the Welsh system is the right one, where those families represented by solicitors or other companies have to submit a detailed chronological claim explaining why they are claiming in detail.

This should deter the ‘slips and trips’ claims management companies who are often charging unsuspecting families for services when they have no idea if there is a justified claim on healthcare grounds. Now everyone has to remember that from March 2011 there is now another cut – off.’

Claims wanting to be made for dates between  1st April 2011 – 31st March 2012 have a deadline of 31st March 2013

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