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Ashes bet odds 2nd Test England Australia

The Australia press has initially placed most of the blame on bowler Mitchell Johnson, describing his performance as as inoffensive as a primary school teacher. Spread buyers of his performance may share this sentiment, whereas those who sold will feel rather differently towards the 29-year-old. The spread made up a grand total of zero.

Looking to the second Test in Adelaide, there are many factors for spread betters to consider. Its worth mentioning that in 29 test matches played between England and Australia at the Adelaide Oval, only five have resulted in a draw, while Australia have won 16 Test matches to England’s eight there. However, England’s RPO rate is much closer to the home sides at 2.47, compared to Australia’s 2.82, which could indicate yet another closely fought match, possibly of note to those buying or selling the Australia/England 1st innings supremacy spread.

The home side will be desperate for a win, and will want to put on a big-hitting, high-tempo display, as will buyers of Australias win index spread. Sellers, or buyers of England’s win index spread might be concerned that the Three Lions last won here in 1995. If the Aussies cant contain themselves though both England’s bowlers and batsmen could take advantage, especially the likes of Cook, Strauss and Trott who have already shown they can keep calm in the headlights of a full-blooded bowling attack.

Cook, coming off the back of his record breaking display is likely to be feeling confident ahead of the second Test and Sporting Index’s cricket traders will be wary of setting his runs spread too low. However, the first Test was his best performance for some time and is the only factor pointing towards him hitting good form. Of the other player spreads available, Ian Bell is sure to attract attention. The Warwickshire man possesses the necessary patience to frustrate an aggressive Australian attack and could prove a solid return for buyers of his 50-ups spread. Sellers on the other hand may see Bells consistency as his downfall, as he rarely turns in blockbuster performances.

Australian fall-guy Johnson’s performance spread throws up to a difficult decision to either buy or sell. The left-arm pace-bowler has taken a lot of flack in the Australian media which could either spur him on or cause him to lose confidence. Going either way with Johnson may be risky – a mediocre second Test is unlikely, given his previous Ashes efforts.

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