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One Page or One Step Checkout for Magento?

Many Magento shop owners are losing sales and customers are abandoning their carts due to the long checkout procedure. Usually it takes 6 steps in the standard magento platform. You have to input your billing and shipping address. You then have to select a shipping method and a payment method and finally go to the order review page. It’s really difficult for a customer to stay calm through all these steps and often customers would quit without completing the checkout process.

There are a few magento extensions called One step checkout which is a convenient way to reduce all those 6 steps and make it one single step checkout. It not only saves the customer time but it also improves the ROI and reduces the number of abandon carts as well. One step checkout for magento updates the data in real time so the customer will find it seamless and the page will not need to be refreshed for every action.

One step checkout is usually a 3 column layout where customers don’t have to refresh each page on each steps or have to wait for previous step completion.

Using one step checkout instead of standard Magento one page checkout, can improve the sales up-to 40%. Storeowners can enable, disable checkout fields, add custom fields, allow customers to purchase gift-wrapping and last but not least, storeowners can set checkout field position by drag and drop facility.

Auto address detection feature fill-up the addresses of your customers automatically based on their GEO IP location. This will reduce the time of address typing and customer will feel more comfortable. Customers do not have to fill in the city, state, region or country; they will be automatically detected by the one step checkout extension.

One Step Checkout is optimized for smartphones while standard one page checkout failed to do that. So it will convert your mobile traffics as well.

New checkout extensions are faster than one page checkout. It is usually optimized by the java script to reduce the loading time.

Storeowners often are concerned about checkout design matching with their existing store color scheme. Most of the checkout extensions offer either preset color template or color palate to match with their theme.

Magento is a great e-commerce platform with standard checkout system. But the extensions make it great when we find all steps into one. Some extensions offer integrated social logins to make the registration and login process much more easier.

By comparing standard one and the optimized checkout process, we find that the one step checkout is a good option to go.

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