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Launch of Cash Flow Consultancy – to guide Small to Medium Enterprises (SME) with their finance options..

LONDON, Middlesex " 30th June 2011 – – Adarsh Shah today announced the Launch of his new company Cash Flow Consultancy. The main aim is to provide help and guidance to SMEs which require finance or credit in this current difficult economic environment.

With many companies and individuals in the market providing some sort of brokerage and consultancy services, what puts Cash Flow Consultancy apart from the rest is the "hands on" approach of our consultants towards the processes and solutions for their customers.

Cash Flow Consultancy helps businesses stabilise their cash cycle and grow by using non-traditional finance methods which would most likely be a customised solution for the business in question. These solutions would involve Debt Factoring, Invoice Discounting, and Asset Finance etc. With current reports suggesting that SMEs are struggling with hikes in interest rates on their existing facilities and over draft limits being slashed, the launch of Cash Flow Consultancy couldn't be at a better time as they are well situated to aid these SMEs through these complications.

Cash Flow Consultancy started operating a few months prior to the official launch, during which they have already assisted various customers. A transport company owner commented, "Having been established as a small passenger drop off company, we decided to move into the corporate market. Our IFA recommended that we speak to Cash Flow Consultancy before making any decisions regarding offering any credit facilities. We were guided in the right direction not only with factoring but also with what credit terms should be offered to corporate clients. Truly wholesome assistance was offered, which has been a great help."

About Cash Flow Consultancy:
Cash Flow Consultancy specialise in Invoice Finance, Factoring & Invoice Discounting. With 4 years plus worth of hands on industry experience, they endeavour to find the very best & most suited deals in the marketplace for their customers. They are absolutely independent from any financial institutions or bank funders.

For more information visit or call 020 8904 9773.

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