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The Pizzly Project: An all-access NFT virtual gallery designed for buying, selling and displaying

Press Release: November 16, 2021

The new AR web-based gallery offers instant access to NFT collections in a fun, visual, interactive space 
Pizzly Bears - the collection of 8888 NFTs released on Solana’s superfast blockchain – Have migrated into developing an AR virtual gallery where users can display, buy and sell NFTs in a fun new environment. 
Designed to give NFT owners a chance to show off their collection in an artistic space, The Pizzly Project takes users directly to NFT compilations - showcasing every individual asset in all its glory. 

With the Pizzly Project Art Gallery, users can connect their Solana wallets such as Phantom or Solflare and display their selected NFTs in a customizable way. 

The web3-based AR gallery will allow NFTs to be linked on the secondary market, too, meaning people can buy and sell on the spot. 
Pizzly Project Galleries have three tiers: Public, Private and Paid Access.
‘Public Access’ allows anyone using the platform to find and view the owner’s gallery via a link.  
The ‘Private Access’ tier is an unlisted space accessible only by invite.
With the ‘Paid Access’ tier, owners can charge an admission fee to their event spaces using the site’s native meme token ‘Pizzly Token’ which is tradable under the symbol $Pizzly.
As for the PizzlyBears NFT, the mint is currently live on PizzlyBear website. Priced at .29 SOL, the PizzlyBears collection is in its second mint phase - having originated as a computer-generated art project and evolving into a web-based platform for all. 

Pizzly Bears NFT launched a test mint in October 2021 and has now become available on major Solana secondary NFT markets like digitaleyes, MagicEden and SolSea. 
A portion of mint sales have already been allocated to an LA-based youth shelter as part of an ongoing community-strengthening project to educate young people about crypto and blockchain technology. 
PizzlyBears spokesperson Tee stated: “We are excited to add to Solana’s budding NFT ecosystem. We love the idea of sharing a link or scanning a QR code that instantly brings a viewer to a collector’s personal NFT space.”

“Our team’s outlook consists of building a strong community and bettering the crypto and NFT space in general. With The Pizzly Project the goal for us is to give users an alternative, virtual means to buy, display and sell their NFTs.”
The Pizzly Bears mint is now live and holders of the Pizzly Project can enjoy access to airdrops, new mints and features. 
To learn more about the community and join up, visit the PizzlyBears Twitter account and Discord profile
See the Pizzly Bears project by visiting the official mint website.
The MagicEden secondary market can also be accessed here

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