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Singer-songwriter creates new love song as an NFT on Rarible

Press Release: December 16, 2021

A singer-songwriter has made his song available to the world by creating it as an NFT after trying to pitch it to top singers. The song is available on rarible.com. 
Writing songs is fairly simple, especially for those who write for a living. However, selling it is always a challenge as most celebrity artists are either unapproachable or have a big firewall between them and the outside world. There are usually many people who serve as primary contacts for celebrities. They become part of this chain which can be pretty difficult for songwriters to work with.
There is room for artists to make their manager's information publicly available. One still needs to dig a lot to find the right contacts. Even then, it's like trying to move a mountain to get their yes or no for the songs. Then there is always this concern of copyright infringement and plagiarism, especially with so many sets of eyes on the original lyrics created by you. It especially applies to newcomers who have not yet established themselves or have made the right contacts in the industry.
One songwriter avoided going through this process and decided to take advantage of blockchain and added his song on rarible.com (a marketplace for non-fungible tokens). He created it as an NFT, so the first artist to buy it will have full rights to the song. It may not be the first song sold on such marketplaces but will be of interest since it is a love song that most singers are always on the lookout for. Every singer is looking for that one song that can become a hit, and this song might be it.
With this kind of project, the downside is that an eager investor can grab this song and then later directly sell it to celebrities for a much higher price or relist it for sale on the blockchain. Either way, it seems to be a win-win situation for the original author because the author will get royalty as long as the song is sold on the blockchain.
NFTs have been of great interest lately. Some have sold for six to seven figures and resold for much higher. It makes these a good investment for the investors out there.
You can view the Ethereum marketplace listing on this link to learn more about the NFT love song. The question is if a famous singer gets this song, will they disclose that they bought it from the NFT marketplace? For some artists, this purchase can give them bragging rights. It would reflect on how ahead of the game they are if they are purchasing original content from the blockchain. Also, if a song from the blockchain becomes a hit, more songwriters might post their songs to reach the artists looking for good songs and lyrics to add to their collection.

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