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Katahide Develops Portfolio Management Solutions for Advisors

Press Release: December 06, 2021

New model portfolios are created to assist advisors in developing profitable personalized investment solutions. 

Katahide, a professional asset management firm with investment management skills across all major areas of the global capital markets, which is constantly improving its existing platforms and value-creation expertise via innovation, today announced the introduction of a new portfolio model that will enhance the portfolio creation tools which the company delivers to its advisors. The new model is designed to help advisors present professional, high-return investment management methods at lower costs.

According to a recent study by an international asset management research organization, more than 80% of advisers utilize a definite type model to build their clients' portfolios. Katahide’s new model portfolio will assist its advisers in more efficiently managing their customers' assets, allowing them to spend more time establishing stronger connections with their clients.

"Over the last few years, we've seen a cost compression process across the markets, which is why advisors' attention is focused on discovering methods to manage their customers' assets more effectively and create even greater outcomes”, said Tani Naoki, Head of Portfolio Management Department. 

Advisors use model portfolios primarily to assist them produce better investment outcomes, operate their businesses more effectively, and focus more on providing financial planning services to their clients. Katahide's new model portfolio provides customers access to the firm's extensive portfolio management experience. The company’s present portfolio capabilities, which include inputs from the markets research team, portfolio assessments, selecting tools and counseling, are strengthened by these portfolios.

"The model portfolio is a logical extension of our existing portfolio creation capabilities. We provide a range of services to assist advisors' portfolio needs, from insights through execution. We, at Katahide, will constantly be on the lookout for new methods to enhance and reinvent our entire range of services in order to have as many grateful clients as possible,” said Tani Naoki, Head of Portfolio Management Department. 

About Katahide

Katahide offers institutional and individual clients a wide range of financial services and products. Our industry knowledge and business approach enable us to provide high-quality investment management and build long-term partnerships. We handle complete portfolio management by providing a variety of personalized solutions, such as volatile market portfolio management, dynamic hedging techniques, and other risk, profit, and benchmark-based alternatives. In addition, we create a variety of active, quantitative and index equity strategies, as well as fixed income investments along with other solutions that support investment returns. Private individuals, public and private sector funds, financial institutions, and major institutional investors are among our clientele.

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