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Geraldo Alken Releases New Yearly Best Of Jump Rope Compilation Video After The Sport Changed His Life

Press Release: March 07, 2022

The Elevate Family has released a new jump rope compilation video to inspire more people to be a better version of themselves. 

The video shows off the amazing practice of exercising with jump ropes, with the aim to inspire more people to adopt what the creators have described as the most fun and engaging self-development routine. Uploaded on the brand’s YouTube page, the 20-minute-long video is a compilation of several short clips which feature everyday people striving towards self-improvement using Elevate Rope’s incredibly versatile jump ropes.

The founder and CEO of Elevate Rope, Geraldo Alken, revealed that he decided to starts the brand after the amazing transformation he experienced after he started doing the sport. Geraldo insists that exercising with jumping ropes changed his life phenomenally. It was these results that inspired him to start a company to share this wonderful discovery with many people that are currently on the path to getting in shape mentally and physically.

Alken said: “Jumping rope has changed my life. It elevated me to new levels, both emotionally and physically, and has shown me I can truly do anything I set my mind to. Through the Elevate brand and the Elevate Family, I want to share this epiphany and inspire the searching souls looking for a way to get in shape, sharpen their minds and get to the next level in their life no matter what struggles or obstacles they might be facing.”

The use of jump ropes is one of the most effective ways to easily achieve great results with very little effort, according to Elevate Rope. This thermogenic exercise burns more calories than most popular cardio exercises because it creates heat in the body by working muscles in groups. There are various benefits of jumping rope, including improving coordination and weight loss as well as increasing the intensity of strength training workouts. It also improves overall body wellbeing, strengthens bone density and boosts mental health.

Elevate Rope offers a wide range of quality jumping ropes on its website. They also have an Elevate Shred Workout App which subscribers can use. The app can help users get stand-alone workout training cues to help improve their techniques and build their form. Subscribers who join the Elevate Family and eventually become Elevate Ambassadors will receive commissions of up to 20% on each sale they facilitate. 

The brand insists that it is a strong believer in strength, perseverance, community, and determination. It promises to continue inspiring others to adopt this simple yet effective self-development tool that provides incredible results – and is not costly.

Visit the brand’s website if you’re interested in buying quality jumping ropes or would like to subscribe to the Elevate Family program.

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