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Press Release: March 01, 2010

The Investigator magazine is hosting a one-day conference for
investigators on best practice around the use of CCTV in crime

World-leading experts from police forces, academia and industry will
illustrate how CCTV evidence has the potential to enhance an
investigation and help secure successful prosecution cases.
This is a must attend conference for all investigators looking for
practical advice and sound theory on CCTV in an investigative context.

Speakers include:
DCI Mick Neville, head of the Met Police Visual Images Identifications and Detections Office (VIIDO)
Professor Martin Gill author of Home Office
research on CCTV
Dannie Parkes Forensic Image Analyst,
West Midlands Police
Ray Evans, Facial Identification expert, University of Manchester
The Conference will feature:
Maximising the evidential potential of footage in crime investigations
Overcoming the difficulties of Digital CCTV recovery and processing within serious crime investigations
Avoiding Defence challenges
CCTV as the third forensic discipline
Using facial comparisons and identification techniques to identify
individuals from CCTV
Effective cross-agency working
Video-analytics and it use in an investigative context

Further speakers to be announced


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