Lonely Shades – Silicon Valley International Contemporary Art Exhibition

Press Release: March 22, 2024

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Lonely Shades – Silicon Valley International Contemporary Art Exhibition
SILICON VALLEY, USA. 22nd March, 2024 - In Silicon Valley, the technological heart of the United States, Gallery NAT and ArtX Gallery have teamed up to create an artistic feast: "Lonely Shades - Silicon Valley International Contemporary Art Exhibition". The exhibition aims to delve into how loneliness, as a universal human experience, reveals its profound social and philosophical significance in artists' creations, as well as its impact on our relationship with ourselves, others, and even the world.
In the wave of digitization and globalization, human societies seem to be more closely connected than ever before. However, information overload and the proliferation of social media have made true human connection increasingly rare, and loneliness has become more prevalent in modern society. By showcasing the works of artists from all over the world, this group exhibition not only reveals the diversity and complexity of loneliness as a universal phenomenon, but also explores the profound impact of loneliness on the psychological and social dimensions of individuals.
Whether in painting, sculpture, video or installation, the artworks reflect the artists' understanding and feelings of loneliness, isolation, sadness and related psychological states through unique perspectives and languages. These works not only challenge traditional notions of loneliness, but also provoke profound reflections on self-perception, interpersonal relationships and social connections.
Accompanying the exploration of the theme of loneliness is a vision of building bridges between cultures and ideas. The unique social and cultural context of Silicon Valley, a global center of technology and innovation, provides a rich ground for this artistic exploration. Through the power of art, the curators hope to promote cross-cultural understanding and dialog, reflecting on the impact of technological development, social conflicts, and environmental changes on human social and psychological states, and how people can find and maintain true connection and meaning in this rapidly changing world.
"Lonely Shades - Silicon Valley International Contemporary Art Exhibition" is co-organized by Gallery NAT curatorial team and ArtX Gallery. From a global open call of over 1,000 works, 17 outstanding contemporary artists and their works from the United States, France, Spain, China, South Korea, Kenya, Iran, China-Taiwan, and other countries and regions were selected to be exhibited at ArtX Gallery in the San Francisco Bay Area. Exhibition curators Xi Wang and MetaCher are committed to exploring the universal and complex theme of loneliness across cultural and geographic boundaries with artists and audiences worldwide. In this artistic journey, it is expected that each participant will discover the beauty and meaning in the works of art, and it is hoped that this exhibition will inspire deeper reflection on human nature, society, and the world we live in together. In this era of challenges and possibilities, through the power of art, we will search together for connection, understanding and hope.
Exhibition theme
Lonely Shades - Silicon Valley International Contemporary Art Exhibition
Gallery NAT / ArtX Gallery
Xi Wang / MetaCher
Opening Time
March 30, 2024 18:00-20:00
Exhibition time
March 26-April 6, 2024
Exhibition Gallery: ArtX Gallery
Exhibition address
ArtX Gallery, 43008 Christy street, Fremont, CA94538 United States
Exhibition Artist
Abby Zhang / Allison Allessio / EEGOON (Seung Hyung Lee) / Grace Lin / Iris J. Arnaud / Jayne Breakfast (Baran) / Jozie Lin / Maku López / Minying Han / Mona Leau / Mwass Githinji / Shijie Hai /Sedigheh Motallebi / Sijia Ke / Ye Yao / Zhiru Zhang /Yaozhi Liu
Exhibition artists' works on display:
Abby Zhang
Abby Zhang is a contemporary artist working and living in California and New York, USA, with an MFA in Pure Art from the Pratt Institute Pratt Institute. Her paintings explore the unknown parts of self-consciousness shaped by experience. The work has been exhibited in cities across the United States and Europe. In particular, she participated in the 'Metamorphosis' exhibition organized by Ubique art in 2024; the 'Capital Culture house' exhibition organized by Capital Culture house in Madrid, Spain in 2021; and the 'Biblioteca' exhibition organized by Biblioteca. house' organized by Capital Culture house in Madrid, Spain; 'Like A Mother' organized by BHA gallery; 'A Year In' organized by Target Gallery in Alexandria, Virginia, U.S.A.; and Dodomo's 'Metamorphosis' organized by Ubique art. 'Emerging Artist Exhibition' organized by Dodomu Gallery; 'What I'm thinking' in Brooklyn, New York when I'm sitting at home', Brooklyn, New York;
Abby Zhang‘We are heading to "the Boardwalk"’Oil and acrylic

EEGOON(Seung Hyung Lee)
EEGOON (Seung Hyung Lee) is a Korean visual artist active in Los Angeles, California. He received his MFA in Art Design and Technology from Parsons School of Design in New York, and his BFA in Computer Art from School of Visual Arts in New York. His artistic field extends from computer graphics to design and media arts. His work has been honored with the Best Experimental Film Award at the 42nd Brooklyn Arts Council International Film Festival, the Director's Choice Award at the 27th Black Maria Film and Video Festival, and the Best Film and Best Director Awards at the Young Cuts Film Festival;

Selected Exhibitions:
2023 Color 2023 international exhibition, CiCA museum, Seoul Korea
2021 Digital ART,Assemblage or Collage, Las Laguna Art Gallery, California
2020 Living Color Gallery show, Fine Line Creative Arts Center, St Charles
2020 Nor’Easter: The MBMAA 50thAnnual Juried Exhibition, The New Britain Museum of American Art, Connecticut
2019 Beyond the Surface, SDA biennial conference, St Louis
2016 NYCML16, NYC Media Lab Annual Exhibition, New York
2016 Monuments to change, Maker Faire New York, New York
EEGOON(Seung Hyung Lee)“Deep Breath”Digital Art

Iris J. Arnaud
Iris J. Arnaud is an artist from Paris, France. He graduated from Académie Charpentier in Paris, France, and obtained the national RNCP diploma; ESAG Penninghen in Paris; and Notre Dame de Sion in Paris with a bachelor's degree. Her work is primarily rooted in her personal experiences and the profound influences of her upbringing, education, and exploration of various practices such as Kundalini Yoga, meditation, and psychoanalysis. These elements come together to shape her unique approach to painting, which is characterized by a vibrant palette, complex compositions and emotional intensity. Her art is a visual and emotional dance that invites viewers to participate in rich and immersive experiences that transcend boundaries and resonate with the complexity of human experience.
Main exhibition experience:
Solo exhibition:
2023 - Axis Mundi, Atelier Lardeur, Paris, France.
2022 - Synesthesia, Kollectif Gallery, Los Angeles, USA.
2021 - States Of Mind, Amoroso Gallery, Venice Beach, Los Angeles, USA.
Group exhibition:
2012 - Ex Voto, Ô Château - Les Caves du Louvre, Paris, France.
2011 - Cosmos, Claris Garnier Atelier, Paris, France.
2011 - Gimmick, Spot Gallery, Paris, France.
2010 - Black, Spot Gallery, Paris, France.
2008 - Street, Bowery Gallery, New York, USA. 
2007 - Don’t Call It Street Art, Collective Gallery 173-171, New York, USA.
Iris J. Arnaud "Les Racines du Hasard" Silk paper, acrylic, oil
GraceLin is a female artist from Shanghai, China. Graduated from Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, her works are mainly about contemplating life and its meaning: in her works, we can see how she deeply contemplated the essence of life and the meaning of life, and was inspired by her faith, and finally clarified the importance of living positively. She has also created the "Companionship Series", which explores the state of mind at times of low point and hopelessness in different time zones. The work conveys the desire for faith and support, and the idea that each person is unique. She emphasizes the power of love over loneliness and all difficulties, and her works embody the desire for love and faith in love.
Major exhibition experience in recent years:
2024: "Love Painting" Cloud Art Museum-Beijing;
2023: "Oriental Abstraction Art Exhibition and Shanghai Abstract Painting Association 7th Anniversary Annual Exhibition" Liu Haisu Art Museum - Shanghai;
2023: "The Good Life in the New Era Painting Exhibition" Eight Bridge Art Space ∙ Shanghai;
2022: "Otherworldly - Oriental Abstractionism Art Exhibition and Shanghai Abstract Painting Society 6th Anniversary Invitation Exhibition" ∙ Shanghai;
2020 : "Chinese Women's Painting and Calligraphy Association Exhibition" ∙ Shanghai;
2019: "The First Taihu Biennale" JinguLi Art Museum ∙ Suzhou;
2019: "Shanghai Pudong Oil Painters Invitational Exhibition" Wangshi Art Museum ∙ Shanghai;
2019: "Forty Years of Chinese Abstract Art - Shanghai New Abstract Art Exhibition" Yino Art Center ∙ Shanghai;
Grace Lin “Companion Series-18”Oil painting

Allison Allessio
Allison Allessio is a multi-disciplinary CPA, senior tax professional, and artist from San Francisco, California; holds a Masters in Business Taxation from USC, a Bachelor's Degree from the University of California, San Diego; and studied Painting at the University of California, Berkeley; she is passionate about painting and is inspired by the masters of the past, especially Sorolla and Sargent. These masters' techniques in the use of color and light have deeply influenced her artwork. Through her art, she expresses her observations and feelings about the world and strives to capture the beauty of her surroundings as a driving force for her creativity.
Allison Allessio“Perfect Illusion”Oil painting

Jayne Breakfast (Baran)
Jayne Breakfast (Baran) is a visual artist and designer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.; a graduate of Saint Joseph's University, her work centers on the intimacy of self and others, and expresses themes of emotional exchange and interpersonal relationships. Her work often involves the exploration of individual identity, and explores the identification and positioning of the individual in social and cultural contexts. Grief is an important emotional element in her works, reflecting the struggle, pain and loss in life. She focuses on women's life experiences, emotional worlds and cultural phenomena, and female themes, symbols and images often appear in her works, exploring the significance of women's identities and roles in society.
Jayne Breakfast (Baran)"Metabolization" video work (video duration 4 minutes and 57 seconds)
Jozie Lin
Jozie Lin is a Taiwanese artist living in Shanghai, China. In recent years, her works have been exhibited internationally in London (UK), Lyon (France), Los Angeles (USA), Florence (Italy) and Vancouver (Canada).
Selected Recent Exhibitions
January 2024 MP Gallery TWHAWHIF Art Group Exhibition London, UK;
February 2024 Circle Art Foundation 5th Annual Artist of the Year Award Lyon, France;
February 2024 Teravarna Gallery 11th International Competition of Abstract Paintings Award of Excellence Los Angeles, USA;
March 2024 International Contemporary Art Exhibition "Art Road" Mega Art Gallery Florence, Italy;
March 2024 Jacobson Gallery 15 Minutes of Fame Group Exhibition, Vancouver, Canada;
June 2023 "Art Attitude" Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Third Prize, China;
August 2023 "Self-construction" Contemporary Art Exhibition, Excellent Prize, China;
September, 2023 What is Art exhibition, Boomer Gallery, London, UK;
October 2023 Gong Gallery Assemblage Art Exhibition, Los Angeles, USA;
December, 2023 Goya Art / Kitakyushu Municipal Museum of Art "Boundary of Language" Chinese Art Exhibition Kitakyushu, Japan;
December 2023 France-China Economic and Cultural Exchange Association / Longin Yafeng Art Museum Temperature: Contemporary Art Exhibition France;
Jozie Lin“The Cactus”MixedMedia

Maku López
Maku López:is a Spanish visual artist based in New York, she received a Bachelor of Art & Visual Media from SEK University;Segovia 2004 and a MFA on Photography at EFTI, Madrid 2006;Her artistic accomplishments in recent years have been mainly active in the United States in New York, Florida and California.Her visual language is intimate, color-oriented, fresh, and with a sense of freedom that drives her work to have a unique energy.
Major Art Exhibitions:
2012 Aquí y en otro lugar, Roberto Sasso Sasso Gallery, San José, Costa Rica.;
2022 Máscaras al Fuego, IE Creative Center, Segovia, Spain;
2022 Felices Reyes y Reinas, Urban Art Installation, Pontevedra, Spain;
2024 Heterotopias of other places,Sojourner Gallery, curated by Fengxue Xia;
2023 RASP Public Exhibition,Rockella Space, NY;
2023 Wonder Fair, Digital Twins 6.0, curated by Danniel Swatosh & Lena Viddo. NY;
2023 Ambrosio Jewelry Showroom (pop-up exhibition), NY;
2023 Designers Collab. Our Original Story, curated by Lior Donskoy, NY;
2023 Designers Collab. Spring Show, curated by Jessica Keller, NY;
2023 Gaia NoMaya, United Nations World Ocean Festival, NY;
2021 Selina Chelsea NYC, Action for the Oceans, curated by Emilie McGlone, NY;
2022 Gaia NoMaya, United Nations World Ocean Festival, (Artist lecture and pop-up exhibition), NY;
2021 Art With Me, Peace Boat US, Miami FL ;
2021 Lighting Society, The Blue Room, curated by Timothy Phillips, NY;
2021 Selina Chelsea NYC, Action for the Oceans, curated by Henk Rogers, NY;
Maku López“Two Hands Touching”oil painting on wood panel

Minying Han
Minying Han, known as Flavia, is a contemporary photography artist and curator of children and youth art from Shanghai, China. She is also the founder of Shanghai Flavia YOO Education Technology Co., Ltd. and the founder of Gallery YOO brand; she graduated from Shanghai University and is currently studying Contemporary Curatorship at the University of the Arts London. Her photographs have been exhibited in London, Finland, Helsinki, Rome and Florence. Currently, she focuses on contemporary photography and curatorial projects for children and youth in the international contemporary art scene.
Recent exhibition experience:
2024: 9th Rome International Art Fair, Medina Art Gallery, Rome, Italy;
2024: SURPRISING ENVIRONMENTS Spring 2024, Galleria Kookos, Helsinki, Finland;
2024: SURPRISING PEACHY EXHIBITION, A60 Contemporary Art Space, Florence, Italy
2023: LONDON CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR 2023 - EXTENDED, THE LINE Contemporary Art Space, London, UK.
Curatorial experience:
2023: SUMMER POURING - 2023 Art Exhibition for Children and Youth, Galerie Francis Barlier, Paris, France;
2023: Chasing the Wind - 2023 International Children's and Youth Art Exhibition London, SEAGER Gallery, London, UK;
2022: DREAMERS - 2022 US International Youth Art Exhibition, US Arts Education Center, California, USA;
2022: STORM - Trend Art Exhibition, Kutz Art Center, Shanghai, China
2021: In the Name of Love - 2021 International Youth and Children's Art Exhibition , Galerie Francis Barlier, Paris, France;
Minying Han“Crowded Paradise 1”Photography

Mona Leau
Mona Leau (b. 1998) is a conceptual photographer and visual artist based in Boston. She graduated from the California Institute of the Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography, and received a Master of Arts in Art Administration from Boston University. She adopts photography and installation as a methodology to explore the connection between herself and the world. In Leau’s works, she is enthusiastic about challenging the passive forms of concepts and transforming the pain of individual life through perceptions. The invisible is made visible through the alteration of perspectives while the visible is deconstructed through a visual tension between information and images. Her works have been exhibited internationally in Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, Carriage Trade Gallery NYC, Shenzhen KONGLAB, Xiamen Nordic Contemporary Art Center and others.       
Mona Leau“Inner Peace 2”Photography

Mwass Githinji
Mwass Githinji is an artist from Nairobi, Kenya with a Diploma in Painting BIFA.
His art explores the complexity of human life by blending realistic elements with imaginative ones. Using distorted human forms and expressive lines to explore the depths of our existence. His love of art drives him to experiment with various mediums in order to best express his own artistic vision. He works on a wide range of subjects, including the quest for self-identity, the examination of social expectations, religion, philosophy, mythology, and the broader discussion of the human predicament.
In July 2024 his works will be exhibited at the Ashin Museum in South Korea; in 2023 he held a solo exhibition at the National Museum in Nairobi, Kenya; in 2022 his works were nominated for the African Novar Prize in South Africa; and several of his works are in the collections of collectors in the United States, the United States of America, Kenya, Switzerland, China, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and Australia, among other countries.
Mwass Githinji "The Esoteric Knight" Pastel and wax Canvas
Shijie Hai
Shijie Hai is a visual artist and designer from Shanghai, China; currently lives and works in Shanghai, China and London, UK; founder of Shanghai Pacman Art & Design Co., Ltd. and co-founder of Shanghai Studio Office; graduated from the Royal College of Art with a Master's Degree, and from the University of Birmingham with a Bachelor's Degree; in recent years, his works have been honored with international art and design awards in Berlin, Germany, Birmingham, UK, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Guangzhou and other countries and regions. In recent years, his visual art works have been honored with international art and design awards in Berlin (Germany), Birmingham (UK), Hong Kong (China), Taiwan, Guangzhou (China), etc.; his visual art works have been exhibited in London (UK), Rome (Italy), Helsinki (Finland), Tokyo (Japan), Shanghai (China), Beijing (China) and other countries and regions.
International awards:
2023: Awarded 2023 IF Design Award, Berlin, Germany
2022: Awarded 2022 Cotton Tree Design Award, Guangzhou, China
2022: Won 2022 Red Dot Award, Berlin, Germany
2022: Winner of the 2022 Golden Dot Design Award, Taipei, Taiwan
2022: Winner of 2022 ICVA Awards, Bronze Award, Professional Category and ICVA Award, Nomination, Professional Category, Hong Kong
2014: Winner of Viscom Award, Ian Award, Student of the Year Award, Birmingham City University, UK
Exhibition Experience
Solo Exhibition:
2017: "Private Territory" M50 Art Center, 50 Moganshan Road, Shanghai, China
Group Exhibition:
2024: 9th Rome International Art Fair, Medina Art Gallery, Rome, Italy;
2024: Spring Exhibition 2024 | Interaction between nature and man, Galleria Kookos, Helsinki, Finland;
2023: "LONDON CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR 2023 - EXTENDED", THE LINE Contemporary Art Space, London, UK .
2017: "NOT LEAST, COMICS!" by ABC in Beijing.
2017 : "ABC (Art Book in China)" Book Exhibition, Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai, China
2016: "Tokyo Art Book Exhibition", Tohoku University of Art and Design, Tokyo, Japan
2016: 'RCA Show16', Royal College of Art, London, UK
Shijie Hai“Nike 「Created For You To Rise」Interactive Game (5)”
Sedigheh Motallebi
Sedigheh Motallebi is a visual artist and designer from Tehran, Iran, who graduated from Shariati University in 2006 with a Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design and Apparel. She often enjoys showcasing her creations by participating in exhibitions and competitions internationally and learning new ideas to inspire new artistic creations. She has been awarded Honorable Mention and Silver Medal at the IDA Design Awards 2021 and 2020 respectively;
Major exhibition experience:
2022: Hengam Fine Arts Museum Group Exhibition
2021: Atashzad Gallery Visual Arts Group Exhibition
2021: Ayric Gallery Group Exhibition of Visual Arts 
2021: Group Exhibition of Visual Arts, Ehsan Gallery
Sedigheh Motallebi“what lies beneath”Mix Media

Sijia Ke
Sijia Ke, is an artist and designer from Shanghai, China; co-founder of Shanghai EatDouDou Art & Design Co., Ltd; Master's degree from the Royal College of Art, UK; Bachelor's degree from the Glasgow School of Art, UK; winner of several international art awards including the German IF Design Award, Red Dot Design of the Year Award, Golden Dot Design Award, and the Khmer Rouge Design Award; her works have been exhibited many times in London, Rome, Italy, Florence, Helsinki, Berlin, Tokyo, Beijing and Shanghai; and his video works have been selected by international film festivals in London, Chicago, Philadelphia and Vienna;
2023: IF Design Award, Germany   
2022: Winner of the Red Dot Design of the Year Award
2022:Won the ICVA Asia Visual Arts Council Bronze Award in the professional category
2022:Won the Golden Dot Design Award , Golden Dot Design Award Labeling
2022:Obtained Cotton Tree Design Award and Visual Communication Award.
2022:Won the Otto Bee Design Excellence Award
2022:Won the Honarable Mention Award.
Exhibition experience:
Solo Exhibition:
2019 "Pink Pink - The Hidden Self" Sijia Ke Shanghai Solo Exhibition, Fiu Gallery Shanghai, China
Group Exhibition:
2024: 9th Rome International Art Fair, Medina Art Gallery, Rome, Italy;
2024: Cultural Dialogue, Spring Exhibition 2024, Galleria Kookos, Helsinki, Finland;
2024: The Quiet Peach Blossom Exhibition, A60 Contemporary Art Space, Florence, Italy
2023: LONDON CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR 2023 - EXTENDED, THE LINE Contemporary Art Space, London, UK.
2021: "ZIP Chain. FIFO GALLERY, 702 Nanjing West Road, Shanghai, China.
Sijia Ke “Dark Night Moth” Drawing on paper

Yaozhi Liu
Yaozhi Liu is a contemporary artist based in New York City. He holds an MFA in Photo/Media from the California Institute of the Arts, a BFA in Art from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and an M.S. in Historical Preservation from Columbia University. He is currently active in the United States and China, where he focuses on themes of urbanization, environmental change, and conservation through landscape photography and multimedia installations.
Selected Exhibitions
2023 June to July, Solo Exhibition, There Will Be Water, Three Shadows Xiamen, Xiamen, China;
2022 April, Group Exhibition, Muzillion Art Gallery, Brea;
2022 March, Group Exhibition, Three Shadows Xiamen, Xiamen, China;
2021 August, Group Exhibition, Re:Connections, Tin Flat, Los Angeles;
2021 Multiple Online Exhibitions, There it is, Take it!, MFA Index, Hakuchi, Jia Zhan Lan;
2021 May, Solo Exhibition, There it is, Take it!, Newhall Crossing, Newhall;
2020 January, Solo Exhibition, There it is, Take it!, D300 Gallery, California Institute of the Arts;
Yaozhi Liu “Newhall Creek, 2019” Photography

Ye Yao
Ye Yao is a contemporary artist based in Edinburgh, UK. She received her MA in Contemporary Art Practice from the University of Edinburgh, UK. Her work is diverse, ranging from oil painting to fiber installation to contemporary video.
Recent Exhibitions in Edinburgh, UK
2024: WIP exhibition, Sculpture Court,Edinburgh,united kingdom 
2023: “МАСАР WORKSTN”PROGRESS ECA SCULPTURE COURT,Edinburgh,united kingdom ;
2023: “SAMHRADH”Photographic summer exhibition,ECA Main Building ,Edinburgh, United Kingdom;
Ye Yao “Experiments on Skin 1”Imaging

Zhiru Zhang
Zhiru Zhang is a contemporary Chinese artist based in Venice, Italy. He holds a master's degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, Italy and a bachelor's degree from the Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts. His art creations mainly focus on painting and printmaking.
Exhibition experience in recent years:
2024:Marco Polo:Arte e Scoperta;
2023:Studio di incisione del futuro di Chengdu;
2023:Animali, Venice, Italy;
2022:Cambiamento “respiro”, Venice, Italy Verde 5;
Zhiru Zhang “Helpess2019 IV”Etching


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