Anticipation builds for new cinematic fantasy tabletop roleplaying game VoxStory

Press Release: October 27, 2023

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Anticipation builds for new cinematic fantasy tabletop roleplaying game VoxStory
Upcoming release from Current Year Gaming reinvents TTRPGs by bringing the best elements to the big screen 
An upcoming release from Current Year Gaming is set to reinvent the way in which tabletop roleplaying games (TTRPGs) are played by bringing classic elements to the big screen. 
VoxStory, set to arrive in early 2022, is being billed as a new breed of TTRPG - inviting players to see their creation come to life in the form of a movie. 
The project is currently live on Kickstarter - offering backers the opportunity to get their hands on a range of amazing pledge rewards including early access to the game’s beta version in December 2021. The project has already proven to be popular among backers.
In VoxStory, each Game Master (GM) can create a world in which to play campaigns - adding buildings, objects and NPC’s (non-playable characters). All players can create characters on the free mobile app and give the GM their unique code to enter the world.  
Like all classic TTRPGs, character actions are determined by dice rolls, but with VoxStory the whole event is broadcast live on screen - with the GM simply connecting the game to a monitor.  
Build wonderful worlds 
VoxStory generates customizable map tiles based on the GM’s specifications for size, biome, mountains, nature, critters and water.  
GMs have the ability to add key features to the map such as specific buildings, lakes and NPCs if they want to get going right away. However, there’s also the option for a more in-depth experience with full customization; changing the shape of the terrain, adding/removing scenery, and building detailed towns and villages.  
The possibilities are endless!  
Control the weather  
Along with map customization, VoxStory GMs can adjust the weather and visual effects to fit the campaign. A simple shader changes the colour of the sky, rain and fog.  
With the dynamic fog of war, the GM is also able to change the distance the players can see to keep things hidden until the optimum moment.  
Play the architect  
VoxStory includes straightforward building creation - with a drag and drop technique enabling the GM to adjust shapes quickly and easily.  
The building has the option to be auto-populated with furniture or the GM can place each of the objects to add what’s needed. 
GMs can also pick out items from a desired asset pack, scaling objects to suit needs and clicking to place.  
Create new characters 
VoxStory offers players the chance to create characters through both the free mobile app and full game version.  
Characters are all highly customizable - with 10 starting races and 12 classes to choose from.  
The game also takes a meticulous approach towards appearance - with facial features all adjustable right down to eye-colour.  
Characters can also be assigned their own equipment, spells and talents.  
Battle and fight 
VoxStory gameplay is very similar to traditional TTRPGs. Once the GM has set the scene, the players take it in turns to make actions, the results of which are determined by the roll of dice.  
There are two options when dice rolling: In-game random dice rolls or rolling a physical dice and entering the result manually.  
Players can complete simple tasks such as tapping the map on the app to move characters and tapping a chest to search through, requiring an action roll.   
When entering battle, players and enemies initiate turn-based combat. The turn order is based on several factors including skills, spells and other actions. The battle continues until the players or foe are defeated or placated.  
Grab the loot 
Throughout every VoxStory campaign - and after boss fights - there will often be loot to share out.  
Loots are pre-selected by the GM and discussed with the group as to who receives what items.  
GMs can customize certain weapons to facilitate special items.  
When is VoxStory being released? 
VoxStory is due for release in Q1 of 2022 with the early access available December 2021.  
The game will be available to download via Steam at a cost of £25. Only the GM will require the full version of the game, and all other players will be able to download the free character mobile app.  
Downloadable content is planned for each quarter for the first year after full release, including new asset packs which will be selected and designed by users.  
More information is available online and via the official Kickstarter page
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Notes to editors 
VoxStory is set for release during Q1 2022 and will be available for download on Windows PC, Mac, Linux via Steam Download, Google PlayStore and iOS for character app.  
Twitter: @VoxStoryRPG 
Instagram: @VoxStory 

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