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Zethyr official launch & Mainnet trading competition

Zethyr Exchange

Posted 20th September 2019.

Finanlly, after months of preparation, Zethyr Exchange is officially launching on TRON mainnet at 0000, 18 September 2019, Eastern time.
In phase 1, we will support 3 trading pairs: $BTT/$TRX, $WIN/$TRX & $USDT/$TRX. More trading pairs will be available soon.
Zethyr Mainnet Trading Competition will reward top 50 traders in the period from 18 September — 1 October 2019, Eastern time.
Main Event Distribution Total Rewards: 50,000 TRX
Top 1 Trader: 6600 TRX
Top 2 Trader: 3500 TRX
Top 3 Trader: 2200 TRX
Top 4–10 Trader: 1600 TRX
Top 11–20 Trader: 1200 TRX
Top 21–30 Trader: 700 TRX
Top 31–40 Trader: 450 TRX
Top 41–50 Trader: 300 TRX
Terms and conditions:
To prevent scammers, we will only transfer the prizes to the winning TRX addresses.
Winners must follow our Zethyr Twitter and join our Zethyr Telegram.
Zethyr Exchange holds the discretion to disqualify any address that displays cheating or dishonest behaviours.

Press Contact

Name: Zed

Phone Number: 89680698777

Email Address: zethyrexcahnge@gmail.com