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Zen International International Markets(Inflation Or Devaluation)

Posted 31st March 2010.

Sources close to analysts at Zen International have told clients to beware the effects of the devaluation of currencies. In their latest newsletter, the firm suggests that although official inflation figures in major economies remain subdued, they need only take a vacation abroad to gauge the effect that government policies have had on the value of their money.

The Zen International newsletter apparently cites the plight of the United Kingdom as evidence of the damage done to major currencies. Since the advent of the financial crisis, sterling has plunged of a high of $2.11 to current levels at or around $1.50. The UK government is engaged in Zen International has dubbed a policy of benign neglect towards sterling which is currently under siege on the foreign exchange markets.

The firm believes that sterling is headed for parity with the similarly embattled euro and towards $1.20 against the US dollar.

The firm continues to advise clients both in the UK and the European Union to continue in their efforts to divest themselves of sterling and the euro reasoning that precious metals or commodity currencies will offer better preservation qualities than bonds or inflation linked savings plans.

Zen International believes that precious metals including gold and silver will increase significantly in price in the months and years ahead and investors should not be put off by what appear to be high prices for the metals.