World’s first dedicated range of red lipsticks makes finding your perfect red simple by naming shades according to skin tone.

Press Release : February 21, 2019
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Red Cosmetica, the rapidly growing Australian luxury cosmetics brand that launched the world’s first and only lipstick range devoted just to reds has announced another first by making it easier than ever for women to find their perfect shades of red in a heartbeat.

Red Cosmetica has re-named all 15 shades of its popular red lipstick range and given them codenames that relate to the skin tone they suit and the finish of the lipstick.

The first letter of each shade name is the skin tone it suits: C = cool; W = warm; A = all.
The second letter is the finish: M = matte; C = cream; G = gloss.

Red Cosmetica Founder, Adam Coutts said, “We’re always thinking about how we can make it easier for women to find their killer shades of red, and how to make the brand even more relevant and irresistible to our customers. The new shade names do just that, by making it easy for women quickly hone in on the shades that suit their skin tone and the finish they prefer: matte, cream or gloss. Now, not only is Red Cosmetica the first dedicated range of red lipsticks in the world, but also the first lipstick brand to code each shade according to skin tone and finish.”

Red Cosmetica is also the only lipstick brand to offer a ‘What’s my shade’ service via its website. Simply email a recent headshot and the answer to three questions to the Red Cosmetica beauty team and within 48 hours you’ll receive an email with a list of the perfect shades of red lipstick for their skin tone, hair colour and facial features.

Red Cosmetica should be the first and final stop for every woman searching for her perfect red.

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