Workplace Guru Offers Cambridge Business Lesson on Part-Time Performers

Press Release : April 11, 2016
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Cambridge, April 11, 2016 – The founder of Britain’s leading recruiter of part-time executive talent will reveal the secrets of finding and retaining the flexible professionals who thrive on driving up performance at start-up, small and medium-sized companies during an exclusive Cambridge event on May 17th.

“How To Build High Performing Teams When You Are Growing” will feature the chairman of top British part-time executive recruitment firm Capability Jane.

Sara Hill is a leading UK authority on flexible working, whose advice is sought after by government and industry across the country.

She will divulge key recruiting insights into how the most innovative companies have embraced flexible working in order to attract the top part-time talent in their markets.

The former management consultant founded Capability Jane in 2007 to help British companies tap into an executive talent pool where the best candidates are looking for employers who offer flexible working in exchange for the kind of corporate skills and experience that can transform a business.

“Quite simply by recruiting part timers with Capability Jane we got better people – more capable and more committed,” said Amanda King, CFO of Cambridge start-up company Origami Energy, who recruited their HR Manager, Finance Manager and Marketing Comms Manager through Capability Jane.

“How To Build High Performing Teams When You Are Growing” will also feature talks from Capability Jane’s Cambridge branch leader, Jo Elkington as well as pitching and presenting expert Adelina Chalmers. The event will be hosted by professional services firm Grant Thornton at its Cambridge offices.

Jo will target a key issue for the Cambridge start-up and SME community with a talk on the techniques used to attract the right executives on a tight budget.

Adelina, known to many in the Cambridge business community as “The Geek Whisperer” will round off the evening by turning the tables with a talk on how start-ups can make themselves more appealing to top executive candidates.

Capability Jane is now the leading marketplace for high quality part-time careers.

The recruiter has remained faithful to its founder’s original mission: Create the marketplace for high quality, senior part-time roles within business. Enable talented women and men who want to work flexibly to remain in, progress and return to their careers.

“How To Build High Performing Teams When You Are Growing” will be held on May 17, 2016 from 5:30 until 8:00 p.m. at:
Grant Thornton
101 Milton Road
Cambridge CB4 0FY.

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