Press Release : January 27, 2010
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Research by the UKs fastest growing online competition site, has found that online gaming sites, shopping sites and day time television are amongst the reasons mums are late in picking their children up from school.

Of the 1,567 mums out of the 1,987 women surveyed, 1 in 2, 53% said that are regularly late in picking their children up from school. 52% of those that are regularly late said that work commitments were the reason that they failed to make it to the school gates on time.

47% of mums who were late in picking up their children said that a television show was the reason they got distracted and lost track of time, saying that they wanted to see the end of a programme. Whilst 45% said that traffic was a major culprit with many parents being on the road picking up their children.

The anonymous poll found that 19% of mums had been caught short on time with a lover, whilst their husband and children were occupied with work and school respectively.

The top excuses for being late picking up children were:

1. Work commitments 52%

2. Car Problems 49%

3. Television show 47%

4. Traffic 45%

5. Hair dressers appointment 42%

6. Online gaming/Shopping 39%

7. Drinking with friends 34%

8. Infidelity 19%

39% of mums said that they had been late picking up their child because they had been distracted online. Of those that were occupied with the web, 24% said that they were often finishing an online game before collecting their child, whilst 19% said that they were bidding on an item to purchase.

Sam Notaro, managing director of said;

I think it can be very easy to lose track of time when you are busy doing something whether its work related or something social like seeing your friends.

He continued;

I think that traffic is a factor that no one can control and unfortunately everyone tends to pick their children up at the same time so it is easy to get caught out. However the fact that 19% of mums were late because they were having an affair is shocking.




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