Why ready made building construction products are becoming popular?

Press Release : April 30, 2018
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A few years back,the modular or ready made homes were linked with poor quality, but now, this is no longer the case. Various companies are contributing to making modular homes attractive by using modern exterior finishing products. From using building construction materials extracted from rocks, trees and mud, humans have advanced to fabricate materials like furnace fired brick, tiles, and cement and now the latest modernization is precast building material such as FRP and GRC products.
The concept of prefabricating or ready made concrete construction material is preferred at the site offices to make offices or workers’ colony. FRP products have gained slowly yet wide acceptance from civil engineers across the world. Do you know what makes the FRP composites highly preferred as compared to traditional construction materials? Due to its properties like the ease of installation, high tensile strength, low maintenance price, and resistance against tough environmental conditions, FRP has gained huge popularity in the construction industry.
In civil construction, the application of FRP products includes everything from the restoration of existing reinforced concrete to constructing new buildings.Reinforced Concrete provides a strong cover for steel strengthening, however, regardless of the cover, extreme environmental conditions can result in the production of hydrated ferrous oxide which can result in the weakening of concrete elements. FRP composites offer complete safety against the harsh environmental conditions and concrete deprivation and for this reason,over the past few years, the attention of civil engineers have shifted to fiberglass bars from steel.And, now with their interest, FRP composites are used to build bridges which will provide outstanding long service life with minimal maintenance cost.
PUF panel products are one of the highly advanced, most demanding and long-lasting roofing and cladding solution available, which is fundamentally a green product. Thus, these panels are highly energy efficient, withstand heat and cool climatic conditions, and minimize the construction waste. These prefabricated construction panels are used to frame and insulate the walls, roofs, and floors of a building.
PUF panels products are used for the numerous applications like CA chambers, pack houses, cold storages, freezer rooms, banana ripening chambers, and any type of roofing in the industries. These products are also used for making wall cladding, prefabricated shelters, partitions, accommodation shelters, walk on ceilings, information kiosks, community shelters, health centers, communication shelters and many more.
GRC,another popular type of building construction material uses fine cement, water, sand, polymer (generally an acrylic polymer),alkali-resistant glass fibers, and other admixtures. GRC products or Glass Fiber Reinforced composites are primarily manufactured for the construction of thin sheet components, with mortar matrix or a paste, and 5% fiber content.
According to the specialists, the future market for the construction thermal insulation looks great with chances in the residential as well as the non-residential segments. The global market for building thermal insulation is expected to touch roughly $31.8 billion by 2021. In near future,the scope of PUF insulated panels will improve. Moreover, more innovations are expected in coming future and there will be a giant move expected in this Industry.

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