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Why it Pays for Small Businesses to Outsource Marketing

Posted 17th February 2010.

Since February 2010, My Outsourced Marketing Team is providing an affordable stepping stone for small businesses wishing to market themselves and find new customers, but who are not willing or able to commit to a long term marketing agency agreements or employ full time marketing staff.

By becoming a virtual marketing assistant, marketing manager or entire marketing department depending on how much help is needed; My Outsourced Marketing Team can provide focused marketing support that is well within the budgets of most small business and frees up valuable time to allow business owners to focus on other priorities.

It can be a lot more cost-effective for smaller businesses to outsource essential marketing activities to experts such as My Outsourced Marketing Team because they will only pay for what is needed at any time, so they do carrying long term fixed overhead or PAYE and NI costs on the books.

Flexing up to cope with a large marketing projects is also no problem, such as rebranding corporate identity, building a website, launching a new product, or even organizing a customer event.
But equally important is scaling down support and reducing costs at very short notice, should a business find it cant cope with increased demand. Anything is possible with such a flexible service.

Heres a range of just some of the marketing services on offer from My Outsourced Marketing Team. Businesses can pick and mix what they might need:
Marketing Plans (short term & annual)
Marketing Budgets (short term & annual)
Logo Design
Website Design
Search Engine Marketing (Google Adwords etc)
Search Engine Optimization (writing website copy for your customers not just search engines)
Brochure Design
Copy Writing
Press Releases
Sales Training Support
Internal Marketing
Product Launches
Motivational Events
Team Building
Role Play (the business kind of course!)
Advertising Campaigns
Customer Events
Outdoor Advertising
Sales Support Material
Power Point Presentations
Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Customer Relationship Management

But it doesnt matter what fancy words are used for all of the clever things that My Outsourced Marketing Team can offer a small business owner may need, because the bottom line is it all adds up to improving sales, and that after all is the bottom line!