When is a bath not a bath…. when it's a shower bath!

Press Release : February 05, 2010
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Its February and its bathroom makeover season. If youre one of the thousands of homeowners currently revamping a tired bathroom, youre probably heading online to find the best deal for your bathroom.

Planning your new bathroom can be a bit of a headache if youre limited for space. If you want to install a shower above your bath, you may find that showering can be cramped in a standard width bath. It doesnt have to be a problem, however, as theres a solution that fits the bill : Shower baths, sometimes called p-shaped baths or b-shaped baths, are designed with a wider area near the tap end of the bath in which to comfortably shower.

Shower baths can come with a shower screen to prevent water from splashing on your bathroom floor. Shower screens are a better solution for shower baths than shower curtains, due to the shape of the bath.

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