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What Can GCs Expect in 2016?


Posted 8th February 2016.

For General Counsel, 2016 will bring an increasing focus on cyber-security. The scope of this cyber-security will require a heightened level of collaboration, and 2016 should see legal executives increasingly collaborating with their colleagues in IT and throughout the C-Suite.
Another area of focus will continue to be M&A, especially for GCs in the healthcare sector. As hospitals seek to adapt to the changes of the Affordable Care Act, legal executives in the healthcare industry will be under continued or increasing pressure to pursue M&A.

The Bottom Line: Legal Executives Must Keep a Step Ahead

Now more than ever before, legal executives must remain one step ahead of the issues their companies will face. As they look forward to tackling 2016’s challenges, they should continue to monitor the work of their peers at other institutions, and leverage survey results and other data and best practices to lead their companies toward better corporate performance.

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