Veronica Vitale Composes The Prayer That is Unifying Nations in Response to Covid 19

Press Release : June 01, 2020
Veronica Vitale Composes The Prayer That is Unifying Nations in Response to Covid 19

Marietta, GA, Jun 1, 2020 — Veronica Vitale recently composed a “Hymn To Humanity” while “stay-at-home” restrictions were in place and within 5 days of its release it reached 250,000 views and is still counting. The day after the original release Veronica was urged by a universal force to create a second version of the prayer on a global scale. This was the beginning of a worldwide call for artists to inspire hope and universal brotherhood in times of horror & hardship due to Covid-19 isolation and quarantine. As everyone was spending more time at home Veronica wanted to create something hopeful and meaningful that every person could be apart in. The project goal on paper was very simple; to create a unique choir made of voices from all over the world. Everyone was welcome to join the project. All religions and beliefs because this is a message for all humanity united as one. The Worldwide Choir Special Edition of “Hymn to Humanity” turned out to be an enormous musical feat which tore down barriers bringing together people, countries, and almost 1 citizen from every nation in one song from the USA to Iraq, to South Africa, to Nigeria, to Tanzania, to the Chief Shuar Amazon of Ecuador along with almost all of the main spoken languages of the world in one song, 250 voices and thousand submissions. The audio and video footage of all participants was submitted using their own available device (cell phone, DSLR, Handycam, etc). Everyone was welcomed to join us. Artist United and Visionary Vanguard took care of full post-production – nights spent wide awake working with no sleep to bring every single one of these amazing dreamers and voices to the song and screen. Veronica Vitale is now asking Artists all over the world to join her and ARTIST UNITED MOVEMENT for future projects.

Veronica Vitale is a Multi-awarded Singer/Songwriter and Avantgarde Artist born and raised in Italy, in a small town known as Boscoreale (which means Royal Grove) nearby the Vesuvio. She is one of the main creators of Liquid Music Genre together with her Partner, American Film Director Patrick J.Hamilton. Her art is ULTRADYNAMIC in the age of techno-glitch aesthetics.

Link to Hymn to Humanity (Worldwide Choir Special Edition)

Link to Original Hymn to Humanity (Acoustic Unplugged Solo Version)

Hymn to Humanity – Preghiera per l'Umanitá | Veronica Vitale

#DiarioDiBordo #ReazioneAlCoronavirus 🇮🇹[La mia Preghiera per l’Umanita’] — Il titolo é “Hymn to Humanity” dall’Inglese Antico: “Inno sacro” ed invoca la fratellanza universale. É in 3 lingue, #Inglese, #Italiano ed #Ebraico. Ho composto questa preghiera, come fosse il mio ultimo giorno di vita sulla Terra, quasi fosse stato l’ultimo tramonto del mondo. Ero in macchina circondata da paesaggi stravolti nella loro normalitá. Si spegneva il sole, cosi come ogni giorno si spengono centinaia di vite. Come candele nel buio, da sole. A chi mi ascolta vorrei dire: “Non Disperate. Non arrendetevi all’oscuritá” perchè è vero sono arrivati giorni con poca luce, ma quella luce e' abbastanza per sconfiggere l’oscuritá. Anche in principio… era il nulla, nient'altro che il silenzio di un'infinita tenebra, ma lo spirito del creatore sfiorò la faccia del vuoto bisbigliando "Sia la luce" e la luce fu. Ed era cosa buona. Primo giorno. credere ed avere fede. Dio non ci sta chiedendo altro. — Title: Hymn (to Humanity)— Author & Composer Music and Lyrics : @Veronica Vitale— Languages: English, Italian, Hebrew— Shot on Red Digital Cinema by Patrick J. Hamilton— Location: Home 🏡in Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America #TheCaptainsLog 🇺🇸 "HYMN TO HUMANITY" ▬ This Anthem was created as response to Covid-19 Isolation and Quarantine. This Prayer is dedicated to all Humankind and especially, to the victim of abuse and crimes against humanity available in 8K Video Quality on Youtube !May this Hymn bring Hope to everyone of you in the World out there fighting coronavirus, and especially to my own country, Italy. We’re all facing times of horror, misery, distance and confusion right now but We are not Lost, it’s not too late to Believe. Even apart, we’re still united, Maybe not in life as we know it at the moment, but in faith, because that’s what believers do. We instill hope, over and over again like a burst of light over dusk, above the human pain. When You believe in Miracles, Miracles Happen.© The copyright in this audiovisual recording are reserved "Visionary Vanguard Records & BMI 2020/2021. Shot on Red Digital Cinema 8K (7680 × 4320)

Posted by Veronica Vitale, #Diariodibordo on Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Link to Video Press Release about Hymn to Humanity

Storytime – How Covid-19 has Inspired my Prayer to Humanity – Artista all'Estero durante la Pandemia compone Preghiera per l'Umanitá

#DiarioDiBordo #RassegnaStampa 🇮🇹🇺🇸 — [La Mia Preghiera per l'Umanita' diventa un progetto Mondiale per la Speranza] Disponibile dall'11 Maggio su tutte le piattaforme ed in Broadcasting su oltre 150 Networks nel Mondo. – In questo video, comunicazioni importanti durante la Quarantena Covid-19 dagli Stati Uniti, la musica, ed il programma dei prossimi giorni. #OrgoglioItaliano #ArtistaVera #VV #TogetherAtHome #InternationalAchievement

Posted by Veronica Vitale, #Diariodibordo on Saturday, 9 May 2020

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