ValuSource Introduces Online Business Valuation for Financial Advisors. A New Approach to Generate Leads by Providing a Free Business Valuation to Business Owners

Press Release : October 02, 2019
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ValuSource, the nation’s leader in professional business valuation data and software, has pioneered a new valuation process which they coin, “the Blood Pressure test for business” — which allows financial advisors of all types (CFPs, RIAs, Wealth Managers, Insurance Professionals) to provide a free valuation report including a “Business Performance Score” to business owners.

In the competitive market to attract and retain business owner clients, financial advisors need a way to stand out, differentiate themselves and generate leads by providing real, and unique value to business owners. They need a door opener to get a business owner’s attention and a way to meaningfully connect with them.

“17% of business owners are 60 to 69 years old and are thinking of retirement. However, over 97% of all business owners don’t actually know what their business is worth, yet over 80% plan to fund their retirement, at least in part, with the proceeds — so they obviously need to find out what their business is worth,” says David Fein, CEO of ValuSource.

However, there is an even more compelling reason for every business owner (whether they’re contemplating selling soon or not) to get this new type of business valuation — and that’s because it calculates a “Business Performance Score.” This score is determined by comparing their business to others that have sold in their industry with similar revenue and cash flow. If their business is in the healthy range- much like a typical blood pressure test that compares against healthy norms – they’re fine. If not, they know there is a problem that needs to be addressed.

Regardless, they are better off knowing where they stand, especially when there could be a few simple improvements they could make to increase the effectiveness and value of their business and – even more importantly – reduce their stress for a better personal lifestyle.

“Along with the online valuation system, ValuSource also provides a complete marketing kit with a personalized promotional video, a customized landing page, email marketing templates, and customizable flyers,” says Fein.

“There is a $199 per month subscription fee for the program for unlimited valuations, and advisors get everything they need to generate leads to develop new, high-net-worth, business owner client relationships.”
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About ValuSource
For over 30 years, ValuSource, the #1 Leader in Valuation Data and Software, with over 90% market share, has provided most of all valuation software and data used by thousands of valuators worldwide. Both NACVA and the International Society of Business Appraisers use ValuSource products to train and certify professional valuators. ValuSource’s Express Business Valuation was voted the 2016 and 2017 winner in the business valuation category of the CPA Practice Advisor’s annual Reader’s Choice Awards.

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