Unusual New Novel Portrays Future Challenges in a World of Autonomous Ships and New Land Mass

Press Release : March 19, 2019
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A new novel, Newtucket – The Rising, has just been released. Written by Richard Hughes and Lavinia Hughes, it is available in paperback and e-book from Booklocker.com and Amazon.com. The authors live on Cape Cod and have intellectually plumbed the depths of the Atlantic in this geo-political “what if” novel.

After a protracted leadership rest, America emerged from its deep slumber and returned to its better, NASA-like, days of mandates, missions, and accomplishments. The rest of the planet, too, breathed a figurative sigh of relief that the America that spirited the western world after WWII was back in the role of global authority, abandoning its inward nationalistic period of sniping and civil unrest.

Then in 2026, rising from the depths off the coast of New England, Newtucket Island emerged and challenged the President of the United States to truly make a new isle “great.” Can it survive the difficulties of developing infrastructure, pressures from big money opportunists, the parochialism of local politics, out-of-control autonomous ships, North Korean submarine interlopers, Arabian Sea pirates, and aggrieved dolphins?

“Just finished Newtucket. Loved it. Absolutely loved it. Well done. . . . For some reason I see it as a TV show along the lines of ‘Wings’.”
–Captain Richard W. Jacks

Visit the author website at:
RichardHughesCapeCodAuthor.Wordpress.com for a full listing of his books.

Follow the authors on Twitter at RichardGHughes@LoblollyCapeCod or LinHughes@CapeSafetyGal

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