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UK mobile market shaken to its roots

Posted 1st April 2010.

Mobile market at the global level has always been susceptible to stiff competition. In fact, it has become a norm where mobile companies have been witnessed jostling with each other to bring down the prices just to make sure that they strike the best sales.

However, the UK mobile phones market has been shaken to the roots with the current decision taken by the emerging mobile giant, Virgin. With the launch of a range of incredibly compelling tariffs, the company has once again proved that there is no escape from the burgeoning competition, which has been taking since the inception of the mobile industry.

As a result, consumers are set to get simpler choices with great value and that is what is kindling their interest in the latest announcement made by the Virgin mobiles. The company’s unique quadplay offering, which carries the revolutionizing new range of tariffs would certainly cast a spell on to the consumers. Now that is something, which must be seen in a different light altogether.

The Virgin Media customers with fixed line services are positively going to experience the new tariffs with much jubilation. In fact, this is the best time to enjoy the ‘great value offer’ made by the emerging mobile giant.

The executive director of mobile and home phone at Virgin, Graeme Oxby said, This move kicks off the next phase of Virgin Media’s successful quadplay strategy. Our new tariffs and bundles for mobiles and landlines have been built on the principles of simplicity and flexibility, with a revolutionary approach to maximise bundling benefits for customers – calling between friends and family members has never been such good value, with free calls between Virgin home phones and Virgin Mobiles, exciting new handsets and market leading tariffs for mobile users.