UK based power protection & solar manufacturer opens a branch in Iraq

Press Release : January 19, 2010
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Sollatek (UK) is the leading manufacturer of power protection and solar energy products and has over 25 years of experience with offices in 30 countries world wide. Sollatek offers niche solutions to customers in rural or remote locations with limited and/or problematic mains electricity supply.

Iraq will be one of Sollateks key markets, due to the very poor quality of the power supply and the scarcity of usable fuel source. Sollatek Iraq will offer a complete solution to the consumer by protecting and providing clean reliable power for all valuable electrical equipment. Furthermore, with Sollateks experience in solar energy, it will be able to offer various solar solutions such as solar street lights, emergency power backup solutions, solar power generators for telecommunications, and small house systems for lighting and powering electricity deprived areas.

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