Press Release : September 16, 2019
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There is a big announcement for the students living in the United States in the class of 2020. Offering a great opportunity, the College Board Scholarship Program has come up with a method to turn their hard work into success. Scholarships worth a total of $5 million are going to be awarded beginning from the class of 2020.

The best part is that the method of getting this scholarship is very easy and manageable. There is no need to prepare for something extra other than working on the SAT score. Students will be already working on this score to get in good colleges. This score is all that is required to get the scholarship as well. It will be evaluated by the board while choosing the winners.

A total number of six steps need to be followed. Amount ranging from $500 to $2000 will be awarded on completing the six college planning steps released by the College Board.
An increased amount of hard work will mean increased chances to get the scholarship. In case all six steps get completed then an amount of $40,000 will be awarded.

This is a great way for the students to get encouraged and avail an opportunity of making a good career. To help them further, online tutoring websites like TutorEye have introduced a method to make this achievable. Special online classes to get the College Board Scholarship Program are being offered. They are made to help the aspirants prepare and score better on the SAT. Lessons taught in these classes will help to learn the concepts in a way that the overall score gets improved.

These classes are created to encourage the students to take important steps in completing all the six steps of the College Board successfully. The teachers and the study material is created to help them understand better and score well.

Enroll for the special online classes to step on the pathway of success and get admitted to a good college.

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