This Mumbai based startup is changing the Indian Real Estate Development Industry

Press Release : June 25, 2020
This Mumbai based startup is changing the Indian Real Estate Development Industry

Pick and Build Constructions Private Limited is a young start-up from Mumbai, India. It has started as a passion by two young engineers, Dhruv Shah & Ishant Thaker, who were seeking to disrupt the real estate development industry. They are introducing new technologies to the development industry in India. The company is growing tremendously and already has a few high profile clients in a matter of months.

“Prefabrication is not new to the world; it is not something we invented. We are looking to enable wider use of this technology in India”, said Dhruv Shah, “It is just cheaper, simpler and fast. We are here to help you in case you need anything.”

Pick & Build Constructions was incorporated in 2020 after the young entrepreneurs got face-to-face with the rural real-world problems of the country. Dhruv says, “We saw the type of development which was promised and delivered. There was a vast difference. The projects currently take 3x or more the time as they quote, especially government projects. We just want to cut that time and wastage of resources”. The company is partnering up with builders and developers to complete the projects a lot sooner than promised. The company saves its clients a “ton of money” on projects. The company also offers free consultancy for new projects.

All the industries we work in will change over time. It is exciting to see young entrepreneurs take a bold step towards the future of their country. India is a nation that is said to be the global hub and such innovations are leading it on the path to success. The company is surely bringing something new to the country in the hope to revolutionize the development industry, forever.

Pick & Build Constructions Private Limited
Address: 4 Parmeshwar Krupa, Tilak Road, Ghatkopar-West, Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400077, India.

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+91 99300 29262 / +91 99303 85413

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